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how it all began.... TRUE

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#1 Posted: 15 Apr 2006 00:29
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Hang in there dude, tell her you will lick her pussy no matter who she fucks, tell her you love her, be br damned and accept her unfaithfulness, enjoy the cum that she spills from her chaeating pussy, if I were you I'd lick her to orgasm every day .. accept the other men's sperm as proof that she is hotter than you could ever hope to be involved with..


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#2 Posted: 15 Apr 2006 00:58
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cuntlick - Well said!!!


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#3 Posted: 16 Apr 2006 18:14
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we've talked some more about it and she considers waht i was doing online carbonsmudgeating even though i dont and she said that i cant worry about what she is doing now weather it be online or not.


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#4 Posted: 26 Apr 2006 12:24
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any new?


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#5 Posted: 27 Apr 2006 13:18 
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sorry its been a lil while since i've been here....been a lil busy with lots of overtime. anyway nothing way new except she is all sayin i'm dick is small now cause she seen the stuff i was typin on yahoo bout tellin girls to humiliate me . and she is always jokin about gettin some bigger dick (not sure if she really is jokin or not but think so) she likes tellin me what to do now. but so far nothing way exciting guess
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Cuckold Stories Post / Cuckold Stories Post /
how it all began.... TRUE
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