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Wife gives me a creampie and I didn't know!

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#1 Posted: 27 Jul 2009 00:39
 Down to the last message
So my wife Wendy, went out with the girls last month, She often has a Friday girls night out and I never thought anything about it.
this time though it was different so I found out!
They met some blokes at the night club and two of the women got fucked, so my brothers wife heard, brother told me the next Saturday that he would find out what happened last weekend.
Next morning he gave me the news, my wife was one of the "LUCKY" ones both of them in their 40s got chatted up by some guys in their 20s and after being plied with take went back to one of their lads flats and had a night cap.
Both ladies were dressed pretty conservatively at least I thought so, what I didn't know was they got changed at one of the girls house whose husband was not back from his afternoon shift yet, they actually had shortish skirts low cut tops and my wife 36b cup was not wearing a bra and had a black slinky top showing the outline of her breasts!!! Her mate had the shortest skirt, probably because she has the longest legs.
No wonder they attracted these lads attentions, 5 horny middle aged woman out on the town dressed provocativley they were bound to get lucky, and by the sound of it they did...
My brothers wife got the full story, not from my Wendy but the other woman Pat, who told her they went back to Steve's flat, and these two lads were all over them as soon as they got in the flat, she said she went to the loo and when she came back into the room my wife was in a clinch with the youngest lad Steve, they later found out he was 23, he had his hand up her top feeling her breasts and my wife was sucking his face like she was desperate.
Pat sat next to them on the settee with the other guy and started snogging him, she said she was turned on by watching Wendy getting felt up and feeling Steves crotch through his jeans, Steve was running his hand up Wendy's skirt and she just moaned (dirty bitch) he was obviously fingering her and she was trying to get his cock out.
Pat didn't see much for about ten minutes as her guy found her wet hole and she was occupied, next time she looked across Wendy was left dressed in only her hold up stockings, Steve was naked with his head between her thighs lapping her cunt.
Pat said Steve had a nice heavy set of balls but she couldn't see his cock it was obviously stuck to his flat young belly.
A few more minutes passed and she heard a gasp, Wendy had her first orgasm, she saw Steve came up for air, that's when Pat got her first glimpse of his cock a nice thick 8 1/2 inches at least with a big bell end, my heart fell a bit at this, as I can only manage 5 and a quarter inches at full mast.
He moved up her body and thrust straight in her wet cunt....another gasp from Wendy this time from surprise and being stretched by his big young prick, he gave her a good long hard fucking lifting her legs over his shoulders for the last 10 minutes of hard pounding, (last 10 minutes how long were they at it) Pat got fucked too and lost track for half an hour or more...
Afterthey had got a taxi home they apparently compared notes and Wendy got fucked twice neither of them used any protection so when my wife came home she had two loads of cum in her snatch.
Christ I was stunned, A. she had cheated on me! B. I was hard as a rock hearing about it and C. I remembered when she came home tipsy and wearing her long skirt, bra, blouse and a thin jumper (it was cold she said)
I dragged her straight to bed undressed her, and to get her in the mood (well so I thought) I went down on her, I told her she must be horny as I'd never known her as wet and sticky! yes she slurred she'd been thinking of fucking me all night long, couldn't wait to get home.
The she got quite powerful grabbing my hair pushing my face into her sticky cunt and telling me to "Suck it bitch" mmmm never heard her like it before and it really turned me on.
I lapped and lapped at her she held my head steering my tongue into her hole and not letting me at her clit till she was ready, god I thought she was turned on, her juices were pouring into my mouth and I was licking and taking as much as I could .........not realising it was Steve's cum mixed with her fanny juice and had nothing to do with my ministrations, she finally came in a hard shuddering orgasm.
Then she pulled me up and made me stick my cock up her "hurry up and cum" she said I'm tired, well she was so hot and sticky and I was so turned on by how wet I'd made her and how turned on by her dominance that I came in about three thrusts.
Come on she said get it in......cuckolds brownie she didn't even know I'd been in her, she must me pissed I thought.
Now I knew the real reamister of her arousal and probably Steve's big cock was the reamister she hadn't felt me I'm a bit confused, am I a cuckold? do I enjoy it? will it happen again?.....
God I hope so! I've wanked my 5 inches (and a quarter) and cum as hard as I can remember thinking about her grinding my face in her lovers cum powering me to lick it out of her, she obviously knew exactly what she was doing and part of her turn on was no doubt the fact I knew nothing about her indiscretion!!! and was cleaning her out after being fucked twice by a bigger younger cock...............

What do I do now?


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#2 Posted: 27 Jul 2009 00:41
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Encourage her to fuck a young stud again. You enjoy it and so does she


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#3 Posted: 27 Jul 2009 08:00
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Encourage her to go out with the girls again. Tell her you loved her so wet and want her wet like that again so you can eat her out. You can act as if you didn't know what happened earlier, but tell her you loved her holding your face in her wet pussy and her dominant behavior (the "suck it, bitch.")


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#4 Posted: 27 Jul 2009 13:06
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You are correct brainbox1 I did love it and I wanted it again, and you are also right arkansan although she didn't need the encouragement she and the girls went out as usual the next friday night and it took another 2 days for me to get the lowdown on what happened while she was out.
Well it actually took a few minutes after she got in to know what happened!!! but 2 days of unbearable tension before i heard the story......


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#5 Posted: 27 Jul 2009 17:50
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Let her know you know, then let her know you love it, the time really will never be better to lay your cards on the table



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#6 Posted: 27 Jul 2009 17:59
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Well my wife Wendy went out again with the girls the next

Friday, the same five mid 40s ladies all happily married

having their normal fun night out.
Last week Wendy and her mate Pat went off with a couple of

blokes, Steve 23 and Dave a bit older at 27 they were from

the local squash club I've since found out very fit and out

for any woman they could lay!
So there they all are at the same nightclub about 45 miles

away dancing and getting a bit tipsy, as last time they had

got chabged at her friends, Wendy had a black skirt with a

split up the side to her crotch nearly, a black chiffon see

through top and no bra,her 36Bs were on view for all and

sundry when she stood in front of the Disco lights, otherwise

I remember when she wore this top for me at home I could only

see the shape of them and her nipples when they swung against

the fabric.
Pat had a similar horny outfit a long button up the front

dress with top three buttons undone showing her impressive

38D cup cleavage and buttons undone at the bottom so her legs

were on view to mid thigh.
I had no idea this was the sort of clothing they were wearing

to the night club when they left they had nice smart casual

clothing with nothing on show very attractive but in a none

slutty way. This clothing was very slutty it shouted out take

me and fuck me I'm game!!!
After some time in walked the two lads Steve and Dave they

made a beeline for Wendy and Pat or so my brothers wife told

him, she had pumped Pat for the information and Pat had told

all, Pat had a bit of a reputation for relaxing around and

cheating on her husband for years.
They bought the girls a take had a couple of dances grinding

their hard cocks into the girls crotch and feeling them up on

the dance floor, then offered them a nite cap at Steves

But before they could go round to his Pats took a phone call

the baby sitter said one of here kids was not too well maybe

the flu as she had a temperature and was asking for mum, so

Pat got a taxi home I suppose with her husband out working

she got changed at home after seing the sitter out with her

long coat on, if she had not had the coat the game would have

been up.
Mmmm that meant Steve Wendy and Dave went back for a night god I thought.
Yep as soon as they got in the flat it was the two guys

kissing dancing feeling up and generally doing with her what

they wanted.
The see through top came off her skirt was off and her

panties they obviously liked her holdup stockings as they

were left on.
She told Pat she had never felt anything like it Steve was

straight down on her pussy licking and teasing her lips clit

and sticking it as far up as he could get it.
Dave not to be outdone was sucking and biting her nipples it

drove her wild she would have done anything for them.
Steve then got undressed and Dave followed Steve's cock she

was familiar with but she watched Dave's spring into view with eager anticipation, she was not dissapointed although only 7 1/2 inches long it was as thick as her wrist at least.
She got Steves cock in her mouth and Dave started licking her pussy he had a tongue to match his cock and soon had my wife shuddering to her second orgasm.
Moments later he was easing that thick cock in her, Wendy told Pat she was in heaven one cock about to shoot in her mouth and daves monster stretching her pussy lips beyond anything she'd known before.
Steve unloaded into her mouth and she couldn't swallow it all it was runniong down her chin Dave fucker her for about 25 minutes before he to filled her with his seed.
A quick position change and they were both fucking her in rythym Wendy said she had forgotten how quick young men are hard again.
Steve took her in the doggie psition with Dave face fucking her her tits were swinging freely and Steve was hanging onto them as he pounded her till he dumped his load right in her snatch that was two loads from two differnet men.

This I found out afterwards when she came home to me She was dressed demurely but obviously a bit disheveled with that just been fucked flushed look


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#7 Posted: 28 Jul 2009 16:53
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She got home as I said dressed demurely but a bit dishevelled with that flushed just been fucked look, undressed in the bedroom where I'd been waiting with my hard on in my hand, trying not to cum and wanting to feel that sloppy pussy again.
I'd been thinking of it all night (all week really), but unlike last week this was different I got no chance to undress her or take control.
I asked her if she had a good time, " THE BEST" she said! coming over to the bed naked, looking down at me she pulled the covers off and there I was with my hand on my 5 inch cock “RIGHT” she shouted you want to cum do you! I'll give you something to cum about, she knelt astride my face grabbed me by the hair and pulled my mouth tight against her wet slippery pussy, go on she shouted get your tongue to work clean me up, (I thought later that she'd slipped up with that "clean me up" but I kept quiet).
I didn't have any choice really she was grinding her hot sticky cum filled pussy all over my face and tongue, just like last time guiding my tongue to where she wanted it, in her hole, I didn't get near her clit until she was good and ready, then my face was mashed against her clit and I was ordered in no uncertain terms, "MAKE ME CUM NOW " she shouted.
As I licked and sucked on her engorged clitoris she told me in the tone of voice I was beginning to like and obey "THATS BETTER THAN YOUR LITTLE COCK CAN MANAGE" and with that she starts to cum all over my face nearly crushing my head with her thighs.
Christ I was in heaven the feeling of her lovers sloppy seconds running over my tongue,trying to keep it all in my mouth. I wouldn't have believed I could feel this way, just a couple of short weeks ago I thought she was a faithful if horny wife and I was a normal randy husband. Yes I always knew I was the smallest she'd had She knew it turned me on to hear her talk about her previous big cocked boyfriends, and that lately she had been getting more dominant in our love-play.
She liked to pull my balls till I was gasping with the beautiful pain/pleasure she had been masturbating me more and come to think of it getting me to masturbate as I licked orgasm.
Anyway back to the bedroom She had cum all over my face and I had cleaned up all the cum I could that was left in her by Steve and Dave, she still didn't know I knew what she was doing. There I was quivering and hard ready to blow my cum into her as soon as she let me put my little dick in her. When she climbed off my face looked down at my hard little cock, moving down the bed she grabbed my ball sack and tugged making me arch my back, “I suppose you're ready to cum now” she barked at me. Yes please I said, Well I'm not riding that she said I'm too sore and tired, (sore and tired I'm not surprised I thought), she kept tugging my balls making my cock jump up and down. “WELL GO ON”! she said lets see you shoot your thimble full.... my god she was being dominant and I was loving it.
I started to stroke my cock slowly to make myself last but she had other ideas.
“HURRY UP” she commanded and with out any preamble slapped my cock with her hand “COME ON” and slapped it again, I loved the feeling of painful pleasure and her domination
She grabbed her hairbrush of the bedside table, turned me on my side and whacked me on the arse cheek! Not too hard but I certainly felt it, whack whack, the next two were harder, that was definately sending me over the edge, I'm going to cum I said feeling that familiar gathering. “THIS WILL HELP YOU LITLE MAN” and she with out any preamble positioned the hairbrush handle at the entrance to my puckered hole and with a firm push shoved it right up to the hilt. That was it I shot my load all over the bed sheet, course it didn't seem to be anywhere as much as I'd licked out of her earlier but it was the best I could do.
Wendy just went straight to the bathroom had a shower and shouted to me to get cleaned up and a new bed sheet. By the I had removed the brush from my ass washed the handle fetched the bed sheet and remade the bed she climbed in bed looked at me with a big smile on her face and asked me if I'd enjoyed that as much as she had? Yes darling I replied in a little humiliated voice. Good she said and went to relax.
I'm left wide awake wondering what has happened to her? to me? Why am I so turned on when she takes control?
Why do I love the feeling of her wet slippery cum filled hole with my tongue in it?
Most of all where is it all going to lead and should I tell her I know why she is so wet when she comes home? That its not thinking of me that's caused the flood in her pussy?


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#8 Posted: 28 Jul 2009 20:03
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I think you like that your wife cheated and that she is hiding the fact. I know I enjoy my wife cheating and I suck cock by proxy (kissing the wife, sucking her off) y wife has never confessed to anything and denies everything no matter how incriminating the evidence. I go off to a corner and sulk and jerk-off.
john fuch


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#9 Posted: 29 Jul 2009 10:37
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Yes I'm coming round to the idea that strangely I am getting off with her coming home with her pussy well fucked and slippery with another man's or in some cases men's cum.
I'm excited by her dominant behaviour, the slapping my cock, pulling my ball sack and spanking me like a naughty boy, maybe I was naughty for wanting to masturbate before I'd given her an orgasm....
I'm finding myself thinking of her indiscretions more and more, hoping she will go out with the girls and get a good fucking again, especially with a guy like Steve with 8 inches plus I'd like to see her getting stretched by him!!!
She stuck that hairbrush handle up my ass and it made me shoot all over the bed sheet, I would have been amazed if a few weeks ago you had suggested I'd like this or that she would be capable of behaving like it.
Just goes to show how we can be hiding hidden dormant feelings and desires.


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#10 Posted: 29 Jul 2009 13:43
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My wife has just text me she is going out after work with some colleagues to a leaving party!!!!!


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#11 Posted: 29 Jul 2009 14:35
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I think she knows you know. I think your brother hinted to his that you know. His wife told Wendy and she put 2 and 2 together and realizes that love it. She's charge now Bill....enjoy, you might as well order the CB-3000, it won't be long!


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#12 Posted: 29 Jul 2009 18:39
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I'll have to see what happens tonight, I don't know how long I can keep the pretence I don't know what's happening up.
She has had the last three Friday nights out with girls and come home full of cum. The last Friday Wendy was even more dominant when she came home both in her behaviour to me and her nonchalant attitude to having a mark on her breast!
I asked my brother for the latest instalment and he told me he can't understand why I'm putting up with the cheating, he doesn't know about whats happening in the bedroom when she gets home just his wife's retelling of the evening seen through Pat's eyes.


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#13 Posted: 3 Aug 2009 17:55
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My wife came home from her evening out with her work colleagues and was in a very horny state, as usual she came upstairs to get undressed what was not usual was what she was wearing she hadn't got changed to come home!! the was stood over me by the bedside in a very low cut tight top that left nothing to the imagination her breast were almost tumbling out she had a balcony type bra that more or less presented her breasts rather than covering them up. I looked further down and she had a below the knee skirt but it had buttons all the way up the front and most of them were undone.
God she looked as horny as hell, you look great was all I could say.....
Yes I feel great she replied she seemed cold stone sober but looked a bit flushed, you haven't been masturbating that little prick have you? No I lied, well lets see she pulled the covers off and there was my cock straining away to reach its full 5 and a bit inches.
Hah she laughed look at it what's it good for eh? with out giving me time to answer she pulled open the last two buttons of her skirt and pulling it apart knelt astride my face, she was sopping wet and full of cum, CLEAN ME UP! she commanded. "Clean me up" that's the second time she's used that phrase she was getting bolder much bolder. She had me by the hair and was steering my tongue, "COME ON SUCK IT" she was almost shouting at me, roughly grinding my face into her wet pussy, I liked and sucked for all I was worth my cock throbbing away desperate for release.
She orgasmed and immediately jumped off me, "DON'T TOUCH THAT LITTLE THING" She ordered I'll be back to deal with you after my shower. I laid there squirming with equal amounts of embarrassment and desire my cock at bursting point, I could hear the shower running then it stopped but it was at least 15 minutes later that she walked in the bedroom again with a cardboard box in her hands. Darling you know you fantasise about being tied up while I've decided tonight is the night...
What have you got there? I asked.
"This is a special night for you and here are some toys I'm going to play with".
"I'm not too sure" I replied.
"Well I am and that's what matters!" she said in that don't mess with me tone!!!!
She got out a blindfold and put it on me quickly followed by cuffs around my wrists and ankles. I was both scared and aroused.
She started to stoke my inner thighs and around my balls with something pliable on the end of something springy, THWACK Agghh I sorry moaned, she had used a lot more power on the inside of my thigh....mmmm she said that made the little thing twitch, THWACK again this time nearer my balls, yes she said a definite twitching you like that don't you little man. I was hurting but loving it my cock was twitching and pulsing like mad.
WAIT she said and I felt the bed move she had got on and then I felt some heat on my face and before I realised what it was she had put her ass right on my mouth "RIM ME!" she commanded, My tongue explored her puckered rosebud licking and rolling it into a sheath I stuck it in as far as I could....."YES COME ON stick it in its bigger than your dick!.
THWACK mmmmaagghhhff I couldn't do much more her ass was all over my face, she had struck me rigth on the ball sack. Then I felt her lean over to the side and a rustle later she grabbed my sack pullijng it away from my body as hard as she could, the pain was a heady pleasurable feeling. Then something was slipped over my sack and constricted it like a big rubber band powering my balls out from my cock...THWACK she hit my bell end.
"YOU CUM WHEN I SAY" she was right, my hard on subsided just a touch with the shock of the blow she moved her ass of my face and placed her fanny there instead, "MAKE ME CUM BOY" she barked, I was in heaven being dominated by her. She was leaning forward and I thought god she's going to take me in her mouth, I licked and slurped away on her fanny and clitoris desperate to make her cum if I made her cum I thought she would give me a blow job.
She was leaning forward and probing around my own ass, mmmmmmmnnnfff I managed to cry into her fanny as she plunged something up my ass.
"LOOK AT YOUR LITTLE COCK TWITCH" she said as she probed "You Love It Don't You" Then just as I thought I would explode she grabbed the head of my cock and squeezed it hard. My cock lost its urgency and the cum subsided back into my balls. I heard her gasp and grinding down harder she came hard flooding my mouth.
She got straight off, "Thanks for that you know how to please me don't you?" I didn't answer quick enough....THWACK straight on by ball sack mmmmmm god I loved it.
More rustling and moving about on the bed my ankles were released from the tight splayed position and I felt the ropes pulled back over my head onto the top of the Iron bedhead she pulled them higher and higher till they her bent back over my shoulders almost. "Thats better I can get at you now" my ass was left exposed Balls trussed up and cock twitching.
I heard some movement and odd sounds, Thwack "LAY STILL"
I did as I was told, then she got on the bed at my head and started to rub something against my cheek.
"You know our fantasies about you serving me getting me ready"
"Yes" I said
I complied, "Well I want you to suck this" she held an object to my lips I tentatively licked it and she murmured encouragement "Thats it now take it in your mouth"
I opened my mouth and she pushed it in, it was a cock shaped dildo with veins and a bulbous head.
MMMMfffff I said around it as she pumped it in and out.
"Look at your little cock go"
She took it out of my mouth moved around the bed and I felt it pushing against my hole.
"TAKE IT" she pushed straight in, she gave half a dozen thrusts and I exploded all over my belly.
With no further ado she pulled out unclipped the harness, untied my hands and ankles letting my legs fall back, walked off to the bathroom looking over her shoulder and telling me to get cleaned up!
I ,looked around and there was the dildo laid on the bed, the cuffs open around the bed corners and my ball sack squashed out tight with a neoprene band, my belly covered in my little puddle and my wife no where to be seen.
I cleaned up and got into bed, wondering where this was all going?


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#14 Posted: 3 Aug 2009 21:25
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Bill please! You KNOW where this going (all of us do). It won't be long and you'll be fluffing her Friday night dates and getting your cream straight from the spicket.

Outstanding!! I love it, wish it were me! You are truly a lucky little boy!

I think you should tell your wife "thank you" for taking charge of you Friday night and the only way you could possibly of enjoyed yourself any more would be if the dildo was real and attached to a real man!

Keep us posted!


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#15 Posted: 3 Aug 2009 21:32
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Bill please! You KNOW where this going (all of us do). It won't be long and you'll be fluffing her Friday night dates and getting your cream straight from the spicket.

Outstanding!! I love it, wish it were me! You are truly a lucky little boy!

I think you should tell your wife "thank you" for taking charge of you Friday night and the only way you could possibly of enjoyed yourself any more would be if the dildo was real and attached to a real man!

Keep us posted!


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#16 Posted: 4 Aug 2009 23:12
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mmmmmmm I wonder if you haven't hit the nail on the head, I'm certainly in a different place to where I expected to be!!!

I am loving it though!


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#17 Posted: 3 Sep 2009 13:50
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mmmmmm god I can't believe what's happened now! We went to the Squash club finals presentation, all the winners and runners up were receiving their medals and Trophies, then afterwards the whole party moved on to the club that the Wendy and Pat met Steve and Dave, god that seems a long time ago now.
This time Wendy was dressed unashamedly sexily, she looked good and wanted to show herself off!


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#18 Posted: 5 Sep 2009 01:21
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So there we were at the presentation when up came 2 guys who introduced themselves as Steve and Dave...neither they nor my wife were aware I knew about them. They were taking the sight of my wife in her short black skirt and a black corset top that cinched her waist in and pushed her breasts up behind the black chiffon see through blouse presenting them for view! The corset had been laced up by me earlier as the laces were up the back, you could see the tops of her hold up stockings and a tiny thong when she sat down......the two guys were almost drooling.
They hardly noticed I was there occupying Wendy and plying her with the free takes untill after the presentation when everyone moved across town to the club.
I had drawn the short straw and was driving for the evening so Wendy offered the two guys a lift hopped in the back and was soon joined by Steve, Dave sat up front with me It was only a short journey and despite Daves best efforts to distract me with the radio and his talk I could clearly her Wendy gasping so with a little adjustment of the rear view mirror I saw Steve's hand up my wife's skirt and by the look on her thrown back face and her short rapid breaths, he was fingering her to great effect!!!
Dave tried valianly to deflect my attention with journey instructions but it was pretty hard not to hear Wendy orgasming on Steves fingers....but then we were at the club so she hastily arranged her skirt and off we wentto join the party.
I was rock hard, what a turn on seeing and hearing my wife being pleasured on another man's fingers, Dave and Steve were laughing, Dave clapped him on the back as if in congratulations.
When we got in the club my wife appeared back from the toilets, Bill look who's here, well my heart missed a beat as there stood Tina with a great big smile on her face. Hi little man, she said and just to embarass me more she crooked her little finger and waved it at me, god I went red as a beetroot but my 5 incher was hard as a rock!
well she barked at me don't just stand there get us a round in, off I went to get the takes, on returning to the table I was all alone, the two girls were off on the dance floor strutting their stuff with Steve and Dave. I sat alone watching Steve dancing closly with Wendy his hands were roaming all over her ass and she was rubbing her crotch against him quite brazenly. Dave was caressing Tina's breasts pretty openly on the floor,
After about half an hour of dancing they all came back to the table to have their takes.
We are off for another dance now darling be a good boy and get us all another take said my wife.
That was how the night progressed really me running about waiting on the four of them with them hardly giving me a glance, though as the evening wore on they were all looking across at me from the dance floor and laughing at someting Tina had said.......when she saw me looking she crooked her finger at me, I squirmed with the embarassment and hoped not too many people saw her.
The girls got more and more brazen as the night and take progressed, I came back from the toilet myself to find my wife sat on Steves lap with her chiffon blouse almost undone to the waist her breasts on view. I could not see his hand as it was below the level of the table but by the way Wendy was sqirming around I'm pretty sure he was fingering her again. She looked accross at me, smiled, turned back to Steve and gave him a kiss on the lips, thats thanks for a great evening she said, he looked across at me also smiling the pleasures all mine he said.
Tina stood up looked across at me and told me to fetch the car round lets all go to yours for a night cap. Off I went and brought the car round. This time Tina sat in the front with my wife sandwiched between the two guys in the back. I had left the mirror adjusted so could see both Steve and Dave playing with my wife, one would have his hand up her skirt and the other quite openly cupping her breasts which were by now lifted out of the corset! th I was again throbbing with my 5 inches pressing hard against my trousers. As we rolled up the drive Tina reached accross and felt the front of my trousers my my little man you are getting excited.........


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#19 Posted: 5 Sep 2009 02:46
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I was speechless and it was true I was very excited more than I could

have imagined a few weeks ago! "Well come on" Tina barked "get the door

openand get us a bottle of wine opened" I almost sprang out of the car

got the front door open,looked round saw Steve helping my wife up the

path with his arm round her coppig a good feel of her tits at the same

time, Tina was behind arm in arm with Dave. I went through to the

kithchen opened a bottle of wine got 4 glasses and walked towards the

I stopped just outside, I could hear gigling, so took a peak through the

crack of the door my wife was swaying around the floor with her blouse

off swinging it around being encouraged by Tina Dave and Steve she was

giggling at Tina telling her to come join her entertain the guys with a

dance. I stood frozen to the spot there was my wife with her lovely 36b

breasts spilling out of her corset top dancing for two guys, I stood

watching not wanting to enter the room and risk disturbing the action.

Tina was up in a flash she removed her top and as I suspected her big

breasts swung free the guys were sat on the edge off the settee the girls

were both swaying to there own beat, my wife pulled Steve's head to her

breasts and he nuzzeld them running both his hands up her skirt he pulled

her thong down, she stepped out of it.
What the hell was I to do?
There was my wife her panties on the floor Steve had lifted her skirt to

her waist and was now licking her pussy while she bent back arching her

mons against his face. My 5 inch cock was straining against my trousers,I

still had a bottle of wine and 4 glasses in my hand and was peeping like

a naughty schoolboy at the scene before me with my heart pounding.
What to do was swiftly decided for me, Tina left Dave for a moment and

strode toward the door, throwing it open she saw me "Hah what have we

here a little peeping tom" she shouted at me " er I was just ...." "TURN

ROUND" she commanded WHACK! she slapped me as hard as she could on the

ass I jumped with the surprise, "NOW GET IN THERE LITTLE MAN" she barked,

"You are missing the show".
I put the wine on the side and meekly entered the room, Steve was still

licking my wife who just looked me in the eyes, "SIT THERE" she said Tina

pushed me down on the chair across the room from the settee. "Get your

clothes off NOW!" I tarted to take my clothes off, looked accross and

Dave was stood behind my wife cupping her breasts pulling her nipples,

Wendy was eyes closed maoning softly. When I got down to boxers I went to

sit down. "Fetch the box" commanded Tina.
I turned to go upstairs my little dick pulsing at the thought of the box,

WHACK Tina slapped me accross the ass leaving a red hand print "Quickly".
I returned with the box, "give me the crop" I passed Tina the crop she

had divested herself of her skirt and stood in a tiny thong, stockings

and high heels, she looked magnificent as did my wife who stood enjoying

the ministrations of Steve and Dave.
Tina carressed my balls and cock with the end of the crop, "look at his

little dick twitch" she flicked the end of my cock with the crop and it

did indeed twitch about like mad, THWACK she hit my ass, "Now little man

make yoourself useful, get over there and take of your wife's skirt" I

started to walk over to the settee, THWACK straight on my ball sack,mmmff

I grunted, cock pulsing, "on your knees".
I crawled accross to my wife, Steve sat back abit Dave kept her breasts

in his hands, I undid her skirt zip pushed it over her hips and she stood

out of it, God was I horny.
"Fold it up and bring her panties over here" I did as told, Tina rubbed

the wet panties over my face, my cock rose again, Whack she hit it with

the crop. Don't get too excited little man you aren't finshed here yet.

She got hold of my head and pulled it against her thong "lick me boy" I

licked her through the thong.I was only there for a minute or so when she

thrust me away, pulling me by the hair she thrust my face against my

wifes pussy.
"Get your wifes pussy ready with that tounge little man"
mmmmm I was licking for all my worth, I tried to move to Wendy's clit but

she wouldn't let me,
"THATS ENOUGH" WHACK right on the ass "get over here" I crawled back to

Tina she was on the seat with her ass in the air "Get that tounge to

work" I licked her puckered asshole and ran it around the rim, "thats it

little man get me ready" as she stood up and pulled my facce to her

I could hear Wendy moan I looked accross and Steve had her legs over his

shoulders fucking her hard.
THWACK THWACK two srikes on my ball sack "YOU ARE NOT FINISHED HERE" Tina

barked. After ten minutes of sucking and licking her pussy she pushed me

Grabbing my hair she turned my face towards my wife and Steve, he was

pounding his big cock in her willing pussy, "NOW THATS A COCK" she said.
Wendy orgasmed yet again thrusting herself against Steve's cock he gave a

massive graon and I saw his balls contract as he pumped his come deep

into her pussy.
Tina pulled me across to them by my balls, "Now for your job" as Steve

rolled off her, my wife came to the edge of the settee kept her legs open

showing me her puffy lipped open just fucked pussy, looked me in the eyes

and commanded me to "CLEAN ME UP LITTLE MAN" I was looking at the cum

running out of her pussy lips down her thigh when Tina thrust my face

into the gooey mess. "LICK IT" I was licking and swallowing as fast as I

Gone was all pretence, Wendy was urging me on "Come on darling you know

you want it" "You are so good at cleaning me up you know you love it!"

and I realised I did. I was happy it was out in the open In a few short

weeks I had realised I loved the act of cleaning my wifes lovers cum



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#20 Posted: 5 Sep 2009 03:27
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"Well done darling I'm ready now" said my wife, she motioned to Dave who

was sat watching proceedings and feeling Tina's tits, Tina had been to

the box because she now wore the strap-on, it swung about in front of her

as she enjoyed Daves ministrations.
Dave crossed to the settee, my wife laid back again, legs akimbo she

looked at me "be a darling and help guide Dave in" just like that!"
Tina watched as I tentatively reached down and took hold of Dave's hard

cock, it was rubbery and silky smooth, I realised just how far things had

moved on in these short weeks as I rubbed Dave's thick cock against my

Wifes pussy lips and guided him to the centre, with one push he thrust

right up to his balls.

God what was next? where will it end!

Tina came across to me and waved the strap-on in my face. "OPEN WIDE

LITTLE MAN" I opened my mouth and took the rubber cock in, licking and

sucking it as she slowly pushed in and out. "mmm look at his little hard

on" said Wendy breathlessly, Tina replied "yes he's loving it!".
"So little man lets get your clean-up job finished"

What did she mean?

Dave hadn't cum yet and she hadn't had a cock in her yet!

As Tina pulled out the strap-on and Steve moved round to present his semi flaccid 8 and a half inches instead, I realised what they meant!!!!

He brushed his messy cock against my lips, THWACK Tina hit my buttocks, she didn't have to say anything I opened wide and took him in my mouth, I could taste my wife's musky pussy juices mingled with his cum.
As I licked and sucked him clean he gradually grew harder and bigger in my mouth.
I could feel Tina behind my pushing against my hole with a steady firm pressure, Bloody hell I thought here I am on my knees with a hard cock in my mouth about to be fucked while watching my Wife being fucked fast and hard.......and then I felt the head ease past my tight hole and she was in, straight into a steady rythym.
God it felt good before I knew it I was thrusting back at her and bobbing up and down Steves length or as much as I could.
I heard Wendy orgasm, looked across and she was watching me intently, I must have looked a sight being spit roasted by her lover and best friend, Tina picked up that steady rythym and began to thrust harder, Steve took hold of my head and began to match her strokes, I felt him swell a bit he went very hard and stiff and with a moan and a clenching of his buttocks I felt a jet of cum against my tongue then another at the back of my throat as he help me and pumped his load into my mouth. THWACK Tina hit me across the ass whithout breaking stroke, "SWALLOW IT" I swallowed as much as I could.
My wife orgasmed again and Dave dumped his load into her, Tina pulled out pushed me across to my wifes second load and I went to work without any bidding, Wendy steered my tongue to her clit when I'd cleaned her up and made me give her an orgasm as she came my head was lifted off her and Daves cock was thrust between my lips for cleaning.........


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#21 Posted: 5 Sep 2009 06:52
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OUTSTANDING!!! I am uncontrollably jealous! You are about to be a regular fluffer and toy in your wife’s sex life and give her the true happiness and enjoyment you promised the day you said, "I do"! Not only that, but you get it TWO for ONE with Tina. You're my idle! Keep relaying your encounters...PLEASEEEEEEEE


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#22 Posted: 5 Sep 2009 19:03
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WOW WOW this storys so hot your a lucky guy even my little one got wet reading this
let me know what you think of my small cock send message on this please


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#23 Posted: 8 Sep 2009 20:46
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Delicious story! I'm rock hard and wish I could be in your place.


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#24 Posted: 21 Sep 2009 00:53
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It was the next morning and my wife Wendy was on the phone to Tina, they were discussing last nights session, I was listening on the extension. "My god it was fantastic" she said "did you see him guide Dave's cock into my pussy? what a fucking he gave me" Tina replied with "Yeh and did you see him cleaning up Steve's cock while I was fucking him, he loved it his little cock hard and twitching!" I was stunned to hear them talking about me that way, but I must admit I did enjoy every minute of it, seeing Wendy getting her pussy fucked by a big cock was a fantasy come true. The surprising bit was my reaction to the dominance of the women over me, I hadn't really thought about that side of it before, I was shocked at myself and my reaction I was so turned on by it I was doing anything for them. I even sucked a guys cock and swallowed cum My God What Next!
I heard Wendy saying she would see Tina at the club later, I quietly put the phone down walked out of the bedroom and across to the kitchen. Wendy looked up from her breakfast smiled and asked if I had enjoyed myself as much as it looked as if I did? I quietly replied I was happy as long as she was?
"Good! well I'm off out later you drop me at the Squash club" was her reply.
Never mentioned anything about the astounding sex we'd had just hours before.
Maybe it was because she and Tina were organising another chapter in my transformation from HUSBAND TO CUCKOLD!!!!!!!!


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#25 Posted: 21 Sep 2009 05:31 · Edited by: Irn
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#26 Posted: 21 Sep 2009 20:25
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I was soon to learn another lesmister in pleasing/serving my wife and her friend Tina, when I picked my wife up from the club later that night she had me drop Tina off at her place first, when we got home she went straight to the bedroom when I got in She was laying on top of the bed in just her stockings her clothes were all over the floor as she took them off. "Ahh there you are little man put my clothes away neatly then get your tongue over here!" she barked, I picked up her clothes folded them neatly and pout them in her Wardrobe, I started to get undressed, "NO NEED FOR THAT GET OVER HERE" command Wendy. She had moved herself down so her legs hung over the bottom of the bed with her head propped up with pillows giving her a good view, I knelt at the foot of the bed and lowered my head to her puffy red well fucked pussy her pubic hair was matted with cum, she grabbed my head wrapped her legs over my shoulders on to my back and ground my face into her pussy. "Get me Cleaned up little man you know you love it!"
She released my head and I started to lick her lips cleaning the spunk from them, "Don't let any get on the sheet or you'll be changing the Bed!" she told me. I licked and sucked all along her lips then she held me tight to her pussy and I stuck my tongue in as far as I could and sucked all that mixed fanny juice and cum out finally she steered me up to her hair, when I finished there she held my head over here clit and commanded me to "Make me cum NOW!" in a loud breathless voice i licked and sucked at her erect clit and she came noisily. She immediately thrust my head away from her pussy and got up for a shower. "WAIT THERE" she barked.


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#27 Posted: 23 Sep 2009 00:44
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Anyway 20 minutes later Wendy came out of the bathroom with a robe on, I was still knelt there. "Right I Suppose You Want To Cum!" she asked. Not waiting for an answer she went over to the "box" brought out a Pink Fleshlight she had bought me, threw it over to me, "Here use this and be quick" She got in bed I undressed with my little cock straining against my boxers, laid on my back, cock in the air and pressed the thing around my cock, uummmppffff that was it! I was so turned on I shot my puddle straight into the device only got about 3 strokes.
Wendy made me get up and clean the fleshlight then told me we were having a little party in two days time and It was going to be a themed party, that I must pick up my costume from the shop tomorrow ready for the next night "Tina and I have invited some friends and we need you to help out, you never know you might get to cum again". "OK I would be happy to", I'd just cum and would have agreed to just about anything.
So off I go in my lunch break to the shop to pick up the costume the two ladies at the counter are laughing and giggling as I pickup and pay for the costume but I think nothing of it........
When the next day arrives and after work Wendy has showered I shower and she tells me she will lay out the costume, I can hear her moving around in the kitchen putting the final touches to the takes and snacks, I look across at the bed and wonder where my costume is? "Darling" I shout to her "where is my costume all I can see here is yours"
"No little man, Tina and I decided we would have an opposites theme for you so you will be serving takes tonight and that is your Maids outfit"
I went bright red with toe curling embarrassment, "But this is a french maids costume I can't wear this" "YOU WILL WEAR IT IF YOU WANT TO CUM WITH ME AGAIN!" She barked at me. "Now hurry up people will be here soon, I'll help you put it on"
So despite my embarrassment there was no avoiding it Wendy helped me into the Black Lacy Lop Hold Up Stockings, black lace panties, black corset with fake breasts, short black dress, (very short), white frilly apron, maids white cap and finished off with some Black Patent Leather High Heel Shoes!!!
"My my Wendy said don't you look a picture" I was standing as well as I could in the shoes, when the door bell rang, "That will be Tina let her in would you" I went to the door opened it to a smiling Tina, "Well what do we have here" she exclaimed "See I told you he would do it for you, doesn't he look just right"
She came in handed me her coat and walked into the lounge, "Come into the light and let me see you" she said, "Turn round". I had the embarrassment of having to do a twirl for her in this outfit, "mmm she said what's that?" she edged further onto the front of her seat, "Come Here!" she commanded I walked towards her, "LIFT THAT SKIRT LITTLE MAN" I hesitantly lifted the front of my skirt as slow as i dare knowing she would soon see the visible proof of my excitement at the domination.
I'm not sure whether it was the domination, the offense or the feeling of my nylon covered thighs or the black panties or just a combination of all of it.
"WENDY" she shouted "Your man's little boner is hard and twitching against his panties, I think he loves the outfit" she was waving at my wife with her crooked little finger, i was colouring up again with the offense of it all. THWACK Tina slapped me right on my cock end SLAP again on the balls "Get all thoughts of your pleasure out of your head, your pleasure is serving us tonight" she barked.
My erections such as it is soon subsided and I was told to prepare the glasses for the guests.
The door bell went again and I was instructed to let the guests in.... oh cuckolds brownie I thought here goes, I open the door and who should stride in past me but Steve and Dave, well they turned to look and Steve let out a whistle "Whooeee!!" he exclaimed "look at our maid Dave she's a real beauty" so saying he slapped me on my barley covered ass.
I just took their coats and with a face a bright shade of red asked them what they would like to take...............
It looked like being a long night!!!!


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#28 Posted: 23 Sep 2009 17:42
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The two guys had Roman toga's on under their coats, I got them a beer as requested, Wendy and Tina had gone into the bedroom they came out dressed also in Toga's theirs were white, the front cut down to the belly button showing off their breasts with a very very short ragged edge skirt just covering the tops of their thighs showing what I suspected was a pantie-less behind, they looked hot!.
"Get us a take" Tina commanded I took them a take on the tray, While I think about it lets have those panties of you, cant have you getting too excited". "Yes mistress" I answered, I tottered towards the bedroom to take them off. " NO YOU'VE NOTHING WORTH HIDING UNDER THERE DO IT HERE!" she commanded, so I had to reach up under my little skirt and pull down my little lacy panties over my stockings and step out of them, before I could step out of them there was a flash, Huh I looked up Tina had taken a picture with her phone of me stood looking down at my panties around my ankles, She was then showing it to the two guys and my wife whilst they all had a little laugh! god the embarrassment I was beetroot red. "Put the music on now" Wendy said so I went over and switched on the music, the first misterg was a smoochy number, "Dim the lights then start on the food" Wendy told me as she was wrapped around Dave, he just smiled at me over her shoulder with his hands busy under her little skirt holding her ass cheeks.
Damm I thought as I tottered on my heels out to the kitchen, I'm not even going to get to watch!
I heated up the buffet whilst I was waiting I took them out some nibbles as instructed, when I came through the door the two guys were smooching with the girls but had swapped partners Dave was behind Tina with one hand squeezing her left breast pulling on her erect nipple, whilst his other hand was under her skirt making her through her head back and grind her ass against his crotch.
I looked across to see Wendy kissing Steve hard while his hand was busy under the front of her skirt, from the moans and gasps escaping from her he was obviously furiously fingering her pussy. My little cock got immediately hard making a tent against the front of my skirt albeit a pretty small tent I know. Hhhuh I cleared my throat, "I've brought some Nibbles for you" I said, Standing there in my maid's outfit with a tray in balanced on my hand and my little hard on sticking out, they ignored me for a while then Tina still grinding away against Dave and him now with both hands on her breasts looked across at me, "Wendy look at your maid, he has i little nibble all right look at it", with the familiar crooked finger gesture. I went red again as Wendy and both Steve and Dave had a look down and a little laugh at my efforts at a hard on. "Why what a cheeky maid we have getting all excited watching us" said my wife "Come here I need a nibble" I walked over to them with the tray, "Feed us"! she told me so I took a nibble lifted it to her open mouth, then fed one to Steve, "mmmm that's nice do you like serving us?" she asked, "Yes Mistress" I replied "I can see you do" she said glancing down at me skirt, "I think you should wait in the kitchen until the buffet is ready" "Yes mistress" I replied tottering out to the kitchen as I went out I could hear the guys sniggering.
My little cock just twitched even more at the sound and I went even redder!!!!!!!!!


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#29 Posted: 24 Sep 2009 17:23
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I was working away at the stove getting the buffet ready to serve, plating it all up onto the table in the dining room, I could hear gasps and the unmistakeable sound of my wife and Tina having some very hard sex, I was tempted to have a quick wank but as Wendy's strict instructions were to leave myself alone I just hoped she would get me off later when everyone had gone home.
after about 45 minutes all was ready so I went back to the lounge to tell them buffet was served, when I glanced through the door that was still ajar I could see Steve with my wife and Dave with Tina they were just laid back relaxing after their session I suppose.
"Buffet is served" I said as I tottered through the door in my heels, "Oh good" said Wendy "Clean up here then we will go in" I thought she meant the room but as I walked into the room she laid back on the couch and opened her legs, I was confronted with a very messy pussy and three people watching for my reaction. They weren't disappointed I fell to my knees and Wendy guided my mouth onto her with a firm grip in my hair, They all had a little laugh at me, "He sure does like cleaning our cum up" Steve said and they all laughed again. I worked tirelessly to lick and swallow all the sloppy cum up, when it had all gone I moved my mouth to my wife's clit but she just pushed me away, "lets eat" she said to the others, they all went into the Dining room with me following to serve the takes, with my face still sticky with Wendy and Steve's juices, maybe even Dave's from what they were saying I didn't actually see them having sex so was not sure.
After they had finished eating and takeing they retired back to the lounge whilst I was ordered to clear away and wash the dishes, when I had everything clean I was to come through as my wife had another job for me, they all looked at me and went out the room smiling and giggling to themselves!!!!!!!


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#30 Posted: 21 Oct 2009 00:11 
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My wife said "I think he's ready now Little Maid", Tina commanded me to "GET OVER HERE" in a loud voice. Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth as Tina grabbed me by the hair and pulled me towards Dave's cock.
"Look our Maid is enjoying this don't you think?" she said pointing at the front of my skirt and my little erection poking out. "Well Maid if you are enjoying it get to work here!"
Oh here we go again I thought, but Tina was right I had enjoyed being on my knees with my barely covered ass in the air and my wife's cum filled pussy under my tongue and Steve's cock growing hard in my mouth, whether it was the offense, the domination or the mixture I'm not sure but now Dave's cock was beginning to stiffen with my tongue swirling around his shiny glans I was enjoying that too.
I could see out the corner of my eye as I worked up and down Dave's length Wendy was getting a slow pumping from Steve and Tina was putting on her strap on. I worked harder on the cock in my mouth trying to get him ready for Tina, "CRAP" said Tina, I looked past Dave's big balls through his legs at the strap on lying on the floor with a broken strap, "That's our little Maid's fun spoiled" said Tina "I think she was so looking forward to it too!!"
There was some whispering over between my wife and Steve "Maybe" said Wendy, "but I'm sure we can cum up with something after all her hard work!" I started to rise from Dave's cock. THWACK! THWACK! "You stop when we say" said Tina swiping me on the ass.
I went back to work worshipping the 7 1/2 inches of fat cock licking it and running my tongue up from his heavy hanging balls to the tip of his "eye", I couldn't really believe I was doing this or that I was enjoying it so much! Steve pulled his cock out of my wife, as he walked past me I couldn't help notice the steam rising from his cock wet from Wendy's pussy juice, I felt his hands on my hips and his heavy cock under my skirt between my legs.
SHIT! what the fuck's going on here i thought.
"Well Little Maid we can't have you going without" said my wife with the emphasis on Little! "You've been so helpful you deserve a treat like the rest of us girls, you little clitty has been jerking around all night" She laughed and the others joined in. "Here let me help" she sashayed across the room and took hold of my skirt pulling it over my back, "There Steve look at her she needs it badly" My little cock was sticking out as far as it could, I tensed up a bit as I felt Wendy spreading my ass cheeks apart and dribbling something wet and slippery down the crack onto my puckered hole, Steve placed his bell end against me and with pushed.
OH MY GOD! I'm going to get fucked I thought, his big glans opened me up a bit and he pulled back "MMMHHHFFF!" I moaned around Dave's cock.
"See she wants it, look at her clitty!" said Tina as she flicked my cock with the crop, "MMMMWWHHH" I moaned followed by a bigger moan as Steve pushed his glans right past my ring and straight up my ass. "MMMMMMWWWUWHHHH" god it felt good not too painful and a lot better than the strapon, I could feel the heat from his cock as he started to thrust in and out using long steady strokes.
"UUHH! UUHH! UUHH! UUHH! UUHH!" I was grunting in time with his thrusts as my whole body was jerking forward with my mouth still around Dave's cock. Being held there by his grip on my head as he began to take control and fuck my face, not that I wanted any of it to end!!! Steve really started to pump me and as he sped up so did Dave.
Tina and Wendy were watching and telling the guys to "Give the little Bitch the fucking of her life!" Wendy still holding my ass cheeks apart and Tina occasionaly flicking my stiff little clitty with the crop.
All of a sudden Steve pulled out, "get the little whore on her back" he said to Dave. they turned me over laid me on the settee my legs were hoisted over Steve's shoulders and he thrust straight back into me, "UUHH! UUHH! UUHH! UUHH! UUHH!" I moaned louder now, but Dave stuck is cock back in my mouth.
There I was my skirt up around my waist, stocking clad legs over a guys shoulders with his cock well lubricated by my wife's pussy juices fucking me with long hard strokes whilst his mate was intent on fucking my face with his cock glistening with my saliva as he pumped it past my lips, to humiliate me even more my wife and her friend were encouraging the guys to fuck me harder.
Steve began to tense up his strokes became more urgent, tina placed the fleshlight in front of my clitty, "mmmmWWWUUUUFFFFf" Dave suddenly exploded into my mouth, I felt the vein in his cock swell as the cum pumped down it into my mouth, I had no choice but to swallow it as it hit the back of my mouth, Steve began to grunt too and I felt his ass cheeks tense as he too began to pump hot cum in my ass, Tina straight on queue thrust the pink fleshlight over my clitty cock and in one movement I spurted into it.
Christ I was drained! Dave pulled out he and Steve high fived each other marching off to the bathroom without a glance at me, Tina emptied the fleshlight of my little puddle on my stomach, "Look at that Wendy hardly worth the effort was it, I don't know how you managed for so long" with the usual crooked finger gesture.
"Get cleaned up LITTLE Maid" said my wife and she and Tina joined the guys in the bathroom leaving me wearing my maids outfit, stockings, and heels on my back totally knackered with cum around my mouth and leaking out of my ass.
Bloody hell how did it come to this I wondered? but I wouldn't have changed a thing that's the scary part!!!!!
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