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Arab Master

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Several years ago i read a story about a Swedish couple who befriended a wealthy Arab gentlemen. The husband and wife who were in their early 20's foolishly excepted a free holiday off the Arab in the middle east. Once in the Arab's homeland the husband was arrested and thrown in jail on some trumped up charge. The wife who was a large breasted Blondie was given into the custody of the Arab who promptly enrolled into his harem.

When the Swedish man was eventually released from jail three years later he was a changed man. kept naked in a cell with 15 Arab and African primisterers, he'd been used as a sex toy throughout his imprimisterment. Now free again the poor Swedish man was *******ped and forcibly given a compete sex change. No experience was sparred and the man was virtually indistinguable from a real woman.

Completing his offense the man was then installed as a sissy maid in the harem where his wife still lived. the worse part being that he was also a nanny to his wife's part Scandinavian part Arab babies.

would this be your worst nightmare or your ultimate dream
uk couple


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that is very very sexy


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Biggest load of bollox I've ever read in my life.
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Arab Master
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