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Gf lost a bet, had to suck cock

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a mutual friend of ours was over for the game and somehow got her to agree to suck him if the giants won. the thing is she was rooting for the giants! i guess she really didn't think it was going to happen. well, guess what. 3 hours later she is kneeling next to our couch and looking up in his eyes while he guides her bobbing head. it got pretty dirty. he was asking her if she liked it and she was nodding and moaning. he even went so far as to call her a dirty slut. i guess he had a point because she swallowed. it was amazing for me to watch. i think he has a plan though because he left a sweatshirt here and i think he's gonna come back for it and try to fuck her...


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I love watching my wife give head to other guys. It is hot...thanks for the story.


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That is pretty hot.

Suggestion: Give him a call and tell him he left his shirt there. Mention that you won't be home at a certain time to make sure he knows when it's a good time to stop by.
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I love to be humilated over my little 3 inch dick.
I watch you bareback her then I clean up.


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My wife gives her massuse and me head when she gets a massage. It really turns me on when I can hear her slurping at his cock. I might get my wife to make a bet with someone!!


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Great bet.
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Gf lost a bet, had to suck cock
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