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naive wives seduced by guys who get off on doing another man's wife

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I'd love to hear from guys who have had their naive wife used by men who get off on doing another guy's lady. I'd also like to hear from the guys that get off on having another man's wife to play with,especially if they can get her so turned on that she says it excites her to know that's why they're fucking her. Here's a pic of my once-naive wife Kathy.
once innocent Kathy
once innocent Kathy


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Jake, do I sense that you have a story to tell us?

Did one (or maybe more than one) man use the "Once Naive Kathy" and have so much fun with her that she now gets excited at the thought of being played with?

Do tell us all about it!


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I have watched my wife doing it with a colleage of mine when she thought I am away at office. Man, it was a treat. She is otherwise quiet on bed with me. Here under him, she was moaning and groaning, calling out his name...
Love to watch my wife with another man
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naive wives seduced by guys who get off on doing another man's wife
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