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a wonderful night of ball kicking

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#1 Posted: 5 Apr 2013 03:31
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tonight i arrived home and my wonderful lady ordered me to strip to my panties and camisole i did as i was told and knelt in front of her. she was wearing her short black skirt and a white silk blouse her heals were black pantent strappy pumps which she ordered me to clean them with my tongue. as she sipped a glass of wine i eagerly thrust my satin bottom in the air as i licked her shoes. then she told me to sit up and lace my fingers behind my head and spread my thighs. i knew what she wanted to do. i did as i was told and she proceeded to kick me inmy satin covered balls and sissy clit. i loved how her foot bounced on her crossed thigh as she smiled and finished her wine. iam greatful to my wonderful lady for teaching me the value of punishing my pathetic balls!
sissy lindsey




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#2 Posted: 5 Apr 2013 15:57
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That sounds so good to me, I love being punished & made to lick the soles of my wifes shoes after she has been in the toilets of our local club whilst wearing satin undies, I'm sure that stands in all the piss puddles that she can find before coming home.



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#3 Posted: 6 Apr 2013 04:21
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I know many would not understand this, but I too associate ball squeezing/punching/kicking with intimacy. My wife has never kicked me, but she has kneed me, punched me and mostly squeezed my balls ever since we were first married. Since my penis has been locked up (most of the past 12 years), it is the only genital contact she makes with me. I love it until it gets so bad I think I'm going to puke. She always seems to let up just in time.
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#4 Posted: 6 Apr 2013 07:22
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my love sits with that heel dangling off her toes and swings that crossed leg using her pretty toes or shoe to abuse my panty covered balls and clit. i grimmace and say thank you godess after each strike. then after i almost pass out she has me put ice on then as i kneel with my nose in the corner as she bathes herself. that last tradition being that she points and laughs at my ice shrunken clitty and balls before puting me in my diaperand plastic panties for bed...
sissy lindsey


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#5 Posted: 10 Apr 2013 02:20 
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I'm not nearly as advanced as any of you with my Wife in this but she does like to cause mild pain and occasionally pulls, squeezes and knees my balls. I love it !!
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a wonderful night of ball kicking
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