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Sissy Goes to the Doctor

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After taking black cock for a few years, I convinced myself that getting tested for STDs regularly was good enough but my wife finally got me to go to the doctor for a complete physical and tell the truth. She’s in the medical profession and found a sympatheic female doctor for me.

We brought my medical records from two years before and I outwardly dressed gender neutral only the cut of the fitted shirt was for a woman and wore boy shorts and a matching bra underneath. The nurse was very nice and professional but checked my chart twice after I weighed in at 142 dropping 60 pounds from the previous weight.

I got undressed, that’s when the nerves started and my wife was not so supportive basically ordering me to answer every question. I felt I could make it through the other offenses as long as I didn’t have to talk about sex.

The doctor was in her mid-forties and attractive but a little authoritarian. She looked at my chart and asked, “So what’s been going on with your health since the last time you saw a doctor?”

I froze, my heart pounding, my little cock poking at the paper gown. “I’ve been trying to get a more female appearance,” I finally fetishd out.

“Are you interested in sexual reassignment?” she asked.

It would have been impossible to imagine a question more humiliating than the first until she asked the next. “No, I’m comfortable in my new role as a submissive sissy to my wife.”

Surprisingly, the doctor stood up and said, “Well, let’s have a look.” She checked my ears, and nose and then my throat while asking about my weight loss. I told her I was on a strict diet and worked as a yoga instructor five days a week. Then she touched my cheek and gave me the names of a few brands of newer hypo-allergenic cosmetics to try.

She put her stethoscope to my chest running her hand over my little B cup breast to find my heartbeat. “Are you taking hormones under a doctor’s supervision?” she asked. When I told her no she scolded me about the risks and then gave me information about biomedical hormone therapies. Her harsh words made me rock hard.

When it came time to inspect my cock, my wife had to jab me in the back. “I’d like to be examined…like a woman,” I said.

She told me it was fine but I had to stand for the hernia exam. Mercifully, the floor was freezing cold so I lost my erection but because I stay tucked all the time, she had to coax my testicles out of my body to do the exam. She noticed my belly ring and the “black cock slut” tattoo but didn’t comment.

“Would you like the stirrups?” she asked and I said, “Yes.”

“Are you sexually active with men and women?”

Again with a prod from my wife I said yes and told her I only had sex with my wife and men as she put on her glove and lubed it. My cock got hard again and starting leaking on my belly as she asked how many partners I had (over 50). She took one look at my ass and nearly growled, “bleaching your anus can be very dangerous.” She slipped her finger inside and asked about practicing safe sex. I told her that I allowed men to have sex with me without condoms and that I did not use protection when performing oral sex but that I insisted upon proof of testing.

The most precum I leaked all day was when she complimented me on the care of my ass given the amount of activity and had me describe what I did to keep clean for sex. I told her it was mainly diet but that I did use warm water with a touch of liquid soap. She wanted me to keep douching to a minimum to maintain a healthy bacterial balance. She asked about lubrication for anal intercourse and I said I usually just used saliva.

She went back to unprotected sex and asked if men ejaculated in my mouth and ass and I said that they did nearly every time. She warned against it then removed her glove and asked me to stand. She checked out my body and told me I had a “cute little shape.” She measured my waist and showed me that it was 25” and told me to stop spending so much time in a corset that it could cause too many complications to get any smaller. She said she would be totally supportive of feminization as long as it was done safely and under a doctor's supervision.

With one final prod, I asked the questions my wife and I discussed. Was it ok, to clean a man’s penis after it had been in my ass? Was it ok to lick a man’s ass? Was it ok to lick ass then perform other sex acts? Was it ok to allow men to urinate on my body and take their urine? Was there any danger in being a “size queen”? Was it ok to eat a man's sperm from my wife's ass? Was it ok to suck a man to completion right after he pulled his penis from my wife's ass?

Finally, she gave me a stern warning to limit my number of sex partners and to start practicing safer sex and left me to put on my clothes.

For those that have been doing this for a long time, does it ever get easier?


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Was the Dr and your Wife laughing at you during any of this?


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Yes. If you keep the same Doctor, it is less humiliating with time. They are professionals and after a while their matter-of-factness leaves you feeling a bit safer. Anyway, that has been my experience.
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Thanks for your replies.

I think it might have been less humiliating if they laughed but neither did. The most humiliating part was that everyone was completely professional and treated me for what I am, like there is no dispute about me not being a real man.

Hearing me admitting to not being able to control my desire for bareback black cock and cum in my mouth and ass was unbelievably uncomfortable and being scolded for it was totally embarassing.


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Thanks for replying.
Whom else has she exposed you to and how did that go?
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I can only imagine how humiliating it was to be examined like that. I wish my wife would start me on hormones... She has started me on a diet so I will have a more girlish figure so dresses will fit me better.
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sissycindylynn: My wife has exposed me to everyone in our small group of friends and to her parents. About a year ago, she started dating a black man that owns a private gym and decided she wanted me to teach a yoga class there.

The day of the class, I dressed in a purple long sleeve v-neck top and low rise black yoga pants over my black bra top and boy shorts. She introduced me to a class of twenty women of all ages. They were all nice to me but my heart was pounding out of my chest. When I took off the top and pants, there were a few odd stares at my belly ring and breasts but the class went well. A few women switched classes but now I teach several great groups.

That's the way it has been since I've accepted my role. When I tried to run things and pretend I was a man, I was all stressed out and unhappy. Now my wife tells me what to do and I do it. She knows what is best. Teaching yoga, taking black cock, cleaning up after her lovers all make me happy. Wearing men's clothes never made me want to cum without even touching myself but put me in an Athleta store and I go giddy.

snmk22, a corset, while extremely uncomfortable, has done as much or maybe more than the hormones in achieving a feminine figure.


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Thanks for responding! Do the family, her parents and the women now treat you as a sissy? How has the way they speak to you or what topics they cover changed? I know when women have treated me as a sissy, there's much more girl talk, fashion, relationships, feelings and guys of interest, along with gossip, then become the order of the day when talking. I have even heard more feminine health issues discussed, it's very humbling and feminizing. You then get treated like one of the women.
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Sissy Goes to the Doctor
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