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Your wife's first kiss with another man ....

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#1 Posted: 29 Jun 2010 06:18
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To me there is nothing more erotic than the first time ...

You're finally in the room after the awkward meeting. Your wife is nervous but a bit excited. You're not sure what to do but then the bull breaks the ice and your wife willingly accepts his advances ...



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#2 Posted: 29 Jun 2010 11:26
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You are so right. Watcing ym wife with a couple of the first buls she had was so erotic. With the first they were dancing together in a club when saw them kiss, with the second, there was a slightly awkward moment when they first met in our living room, so I made a little suggestion: "Don't you think you should give our visitor a hello kiss?". Watching the first tentative kisses and then the cuddling from ther was amazing, even before the all-night sex....


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#3 Posted: 29 Jun 2010 11:49
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I agree. There is always an ackward silence athe first meeting, & it's for the husband to suggest to the couple that maybe they have a nice long slow french kiss to 'break the ice'. Pure delight, as the cuckold watches tongue action from close range, & even commenting like, 'You look SO SO good together', 'Go on, suck on his tongue!, & the like.
This snogging session, such a wonderful prelude to even maybe a BREEDING session!


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#4 Posted: 29 Jun 2010 17:39
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I also agree. It is so hot and exciting for me when I first see her with a new man and then he kisses her for the first time. Here's a guy we met through an on line ad we had and here's their first kiss. I love the fact that he also went right for her tit. After that, it didn't take long before my wife was leading him down the hall to our bed room and fucking with him in our marital bed while I was only allowed to watch. He fucked her on and off for well over two hours. Hot session, to say the least.



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#5 Posted: 29 Jun 2010 18:46
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My wife hasnt cuckolded me (yet) but we have a friend that comes over once in a while who gives her a kiss when he arrives and when he leaves. I know its just a quick friendly peck on the lips but my cock always stirs and my stomach churns a little bit whenever it happens. Later, when I am alone, I will whip out my cock, close my eyes, and imagine that, as my friend leaves my home after a visit, they kiss. But instead of the quick peck, they open their mouths and explore each other with their tongues for a good 10 to 15 seconds. I imagine that I just watch as they enjoy their kiss without any regard to me. After their kiss, they slowly break away, obviously flustered and turned on. There is an awkward pause and we all say our goodbyes and he leaves. My wife goes about acting like nothing happened, just waiting for me to say something because she knows I wanted that. I am flustered as well as years of private thoughts and desires come rushing to the surface. Later, we sit down and have the discussion that will ultimately change our relationship and our lives.

And it all started with a kiss...


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#6 Posted: 29 Jun 2010 19:58
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Going back over the thread I started...I found the part where and when it first happened. I must admit, even though nothing has happened for some was really hot to read and revisit. Here is the part of the thread when it happened.

"Weekend update...Number 1.

I finally have something new, and FUCKING AWESOME to report. The neighbor fucked my wife last night...on his front the rain!!!!!! Unfortunately I was not able to see this happen...but the evidence was brought home to me (damn, not a creampie), but a severely swollen pussy and red sore nipples.

I don't have time right now to get out all the details she has told me. When I can, I will let you all know how this went down...and hopefully more to follow tonight.

Thanks everyone for pulling for the wife and I...FINALLY...IT HAS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


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#7 Posted: 30 Jun 2010 11:09
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This really is about 'breaking the ice', is it not? Should have mentioned, I'm in occassional contact with another Indian cuckold, but who has a white wife; he'd told me that his cuckolding also began, the 'ice was broken' via the delights of french kissing.
'Western' dancing, unlike Indian dancing, can be tactile; Indian dance, though maybe sensual, does NOT involve the couple touching. Western dance DOES! This Indian 'mate' of mine does not, does not like dancing. There was no problem, he told me, about the concept of cuckoldry---she desired a white lover, & he WANTED to be cuckolded by a white man. His white wife loved dancing, but sadly, he did not. There was the problem---AND the solution!
Well, the 1st time they went to a club on a weekday, when not too crowded. There was a particular guy whom his missus fancied. She made it obvious that she fancied him, & when slow 'touchy' music came on, this guy asked her to dance. Well, that was the beginning. Apparantly, his wife told the guy that her husband didn't mind; the inevitable happened. Within a few minutes, 'cheek to cheek' became 'mouth to mouth', as this Indian guy watched his white wife have french kiss after french kiss with this white guy! Really long & deep kisses, all of them! Pity, he told me, he couldn't do anything to relieve his erection, as he stood on the edge of the floor, admiring the sexuality of this snogging white couple. Well, phone numbers were xchanged, & in th car going home, his wife kindly jerked him off, telling him how much she enjoyed those hot kisses, how she felt his hard-on pressing against her thigh, how much she enjoyed KNOWING her husband was but a few feet away & watching! The ice was well & truly broken!
Well, a couple of days later, the white guy was invited over to their apartment for lunch. In the kitchen, as the husband brewed a kettle, his wife & her new friend conveniently went off into a french kiss, no questions asked! Teapot, 3 cups, milk & sugar into the lounge, & where my Indian mate put on slow music, & yes, once again, the white couple went off 'slow dancing'. For 'slow dancing' read 'mouth to mouth' dancing. This time it were a private show for the cuckold elect, as this lovely white couple enacted their club performance of a couple of days back. The tea was ignored, as the white couple went hand in hand to the bedroom, to the marital bed.
Well, this post is about 'breaking the ice', so not a lot more needs to be said, except that the Indian husband stood in the doorway, & watched his wife being seduced by her white lover. In the privacy of his own house ofcourse, he 'exercised his rights', or should it be 'exercised his right wrist'? He watched good' white on white' sex, witnessed 'white lust' at its best!
That was the 1st of many apparantly; not just that guy, but a couple of others also---& it all began with the often underrated french kiss!


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#8 Posted: 20 Aug 2010 17:52
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It was hott!!! The first time my wife kissed her black bull was at a local carnival. We were walking the midway just taking in the sights and going on a few rides. I was ready to head home but she insisted we hang around a little while longer. About 11 pm she said she had to use the rest room and asked me to get her some cotton candy. I headed to the stand on the other side of the fairgrounds onyl to return and find her in a deep passionate tongue dancing kiss with Richard. I stood there and all I could do was watch. My emotions were all mixed up but I was really aroused.
I let them continue for about five minutes before I walked up and they looked like two school kids busted at a dance. My wife and I left for home and fucked like crazy for over an hour.
I wanted to bring up the fact that I saw them kissing but I waited for over a month. The sex we had during that time was incredible. I'm sure they have kissed many times since then but I hope I got to witness their first kiss.....


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#9 Posted: 14 Sep 2010 04:04
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Guys - great posts here! I have a few more to share ... one is of my actual wife (I'll let you guess as to which one)

QueenB and He


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#10 Posted: 14 Sep 2010 11:28
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The first kiss is always exciting for all concerned. If the kiss is hot then the sex to follow will be even hotter. This sequence of pic's is from a very excited kissing session, in the third pic you can see hubby and wife touching hands as she kisses her bull.



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#11 Posted: 22 Sep 2010 19:51
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Great thread and even better pics - fabulous and thanks for posting


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#12 Posted: 22 Sep 2010 19:59
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Here is my wife greeting her boyfriend in our living room. She is dressed like a slut for his appreciation and excitement. As usual, he fucked her and I had to wait for mine after I performed my duties. I licked his cock and her cunt clean and then was allowed to fuck her, his scum fresh in my mouth and in her cunt.
My wife greeting her boyfriend. I just watch and jerkoff.
My wife greeting her boyfriend. I just watch and jerkoff.
take my wife


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#13 Posted: 11 Oct 2010 19:42
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Great thread keep it up.


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#14 Posted: 11 Oct 2010 21:14
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I'm glad to see this post. Some guys don't appreciate how much of a turn on a good kiss can be for a girl. Doesn't have to be a tongue-down-the-throat frenchie right off. Even a simple lip kiss, or even a kiss on the cheek, starts it for me. Or on my neck, or my breast, or my tummy (Jamie? Stop.).

I'm not married yet, I'm not even really going with a guy right now, because guys are too much trouble. (No, I'm not bi or lez, not that there is anything wrong with it.) They're like, "Jamie? Do you REALLY love me?" and all I want is an orgasm and a mouthful of cum. But anyway, I USED to date this guy and we'd go to the lake with his friends and water ski, and then we'd sit around the fire and smoke pot and drink beer.

Pot always makes me horny, which is why I don't do it much. I don't know how it started, but this time we were sitting around the fire and one of his friends started playing with my hair. I had it up when I was skiing, and I took it down and it was all wet and tangled. So then the other guy got up and started helping, so my bf was watching his two friends work on my hair and later he told me it turned him on.

So then it got to be a habit, and this one time I kissed Jonas, sort of a "thank you it felt nice kiss," and somehow we started making out, right there in front of my bf and Ken, the other guy. So I was looking at my bf, giving him an "I'm sorry" look and he was like, "God, Jamie! That's hot!"

So then I got Ken to hold my arms so I could struggle, I mean I kind of like rough sex, not dry sex or where I get beat up, but where I'm held down or tied up, like sort of a pretend ****, and Jonas was kissing me and then he took off my top, and he and Ken started kissing my breasts. I mean, all the kissing and then my breasts, I was way turned on, I was like, "someone has to suck me!" So Ken took over kissing and Jonas went down on me and I had this writhing, squirming orgasm right there in front of Josh. I mean later he was like, "It was awesome, like they were raping you, Jamie!"

So then they "made" me suck Josh, I could hardly swallow it, and then I sucked the other guys too, I mean it's unethical to get a guy hard and then not at least try. So that was the pattern all summer. One time Jonas brought this other girl, but I could tell she wasn't going to be into it, so it was usually just us four, with me the only girl.

So Josh and I broke up in the fall, it was back when I was like, 19, and I was wild and crazy, and besides, I started sort of going with this middle-aged professor and it was too hard to keep my stories straight. Ken asked me out, but I was tired of "relationships," and he didn't want just a hook up grrl. I still see Ken at the university where I teach, but it isn't the same chemistry we all had together.

Anyway, fair warning, I'm not looking to hook up here, but if you date me, or manage to marry me, I probably won't change much. You won't have to ask, "How do I get Jamie to do other guys?" because I'll be way ahead of you. BTW, I'm NOT a slut! I always kiss and stuff first.



PS I know the cuckold is supposed to have a tiny dick and be unable to satisfy his wife, but Josh satisfied me just fine. The bulls are all supposed to have 24" dicks, but everybody was pretty normal size, like, they all fit in my mouth, but I didn't get out a ruler and measure. And, I'm not into the femdom stuff at all, except sharp doms will have noticed me topping from the bottom.

PPS: I started bringing my handcuffs... It was awesome!

PPPS: "What were you wearing, Jamie?"

I have this string bikini, it wads up and goes in a sandwich bag.


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#15 Posted: 12 Oct 2010 06:38
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In my wife's case, I had to take her abroad and get her half-drunk in order to accomplish that goal. She's extremely shy and although she
and the black guy who ended up being her lover had been flirting on
the beach that day, only later at night have I managed to induce her
to accept his invitation to go dancing, after two glasses of local drink.
Then, he felt the moment was right and kissed her straight in the mouth
without any resistence. They went on kissing till the song was over ...
and on that very night he fucked her in our hotel bedroom.


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#16 Posted: 12 Oct 2010 07:12
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The only problem is ... it's been three years now, since that happened. My wife still keeps this relationship (we sometimes travel, other times he comes to spend a few days in our home - I pay all the expenses), and I still feel totally aroused when I see them kissing, wether in public or during their more intimate moments. Is this normal?


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#17 Posted: 13 Oct 2010 06:51
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here is another


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#18 Posted: 13 Oct 2010 11:00
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Per definition, you are right

however, the initialt kissing and the horneyness that build up (especially for a girl) during kissing, is the initial point. The dreams of the girl/woman being kissed starts, and it will end up with fucking...

My experience

So, for me.....kissing....a real turn on

My reluctant gf has done this once while a a table in a restaurant with a stranger (very charming)...all three of us intoxicated by too much was a short kiss. 3-4 seconds of french....then no more....some laughing....and no more....when he went to toilet, she said: just teasing you a little....then kissed me very deep

End of story: we went home within 30 minutes, and fucked like crazy

Kissing is very HOT
A cuck to my GF - A bull to all other women


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#19 Posted: 16 Sep 2011 20:22
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Yes I agree. I sat only about two feet from my wife while she and one of her lovers were French kissing.
They were swapping and sucking each others tongues, and having one long French kiss after another. It
went on for hours while I was not getting any attention at erotic!


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#20 Posted: 26 Sep 2011 18:07
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My wife Linda has been cucking me with her boss Marv for some time now, but her boss always thought she was doing everything behind my back, so I could never watch them. I posted some sounds of them fucking on this site though. A couple of months ago Linda told me she'd met a black guy when she was on a business trip to LA, so we invited him to come over. Within twenty minutes or so after his arrival they started kissing in my presence (and it looked like it was not their first time ). I never watched something so erotic in my life and I really thought I was going to cum in my pants. The kissing went on for half an hour or so. By then Linda couldn't stand it anymore and she begged our new friend to take her to the bedroom. I was free to watch them and ... boy did I watch ! Listening in to your wife being fucked by her boss is great, but actually watching her being done by a big muscular brotha adds another dimension to the cuckolding experience !



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#21 Posted: 17 Oct 2011 07:23
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Sorry I have no pictures to share, but my wife's first kiss with another man came a few weeks ago, when we hooked up with an awesome couple at a small, private nude resort that caters to lifestyle folks. It was all very fun and innocent (well, if you count oral sex as innocent...).


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#22 Posted: 28 Nov 2011 00:34
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I must say I enjoyed this entire thread.
I never conciously thought about it before, but i too enjopy the first kiss. symbolically it is so erotic. it sets the pace. One of the most enjoyable was a long time ago.
My wifes girlfriend had a graduation party for her daughter. We attended and witnessed a most passionate kiss by another graduate with a woman old enough to be his moher. we were both turned on by it. It turned out to be a party crashing moment since her husband was very irate upon catching them. My wife went to console the woman while her husband was screaming and breaking up the party. I went to find out more about this young man. I managed to find out his name and the fact that he worked on a boat that traveled up and down the river in town for romantic river tours.I also found out that he enjoyed making it with other women in town and had a reputation for going after older women.
I didn't tell my wife that I found out all this about the young man and made a reservation on the river tour boat.
It was on a friday night and it was the last trip of the night which made it a longer ride. it would last 3 hours and would bring us back to the dock after midnight.
I knew Joey would be serving drinks, and i picked out my wifes outfit prior to the ride, by buying her a new outfit. It was a lower cut very fancy white blouse with very upscale fancy lace trimming. It was called a Jessica's Gunnie form the gunnie sax collection and very expensive at the time, but it was one of my wifes most loved style blouses. it pushed her breasts up and out and it was one of the few blouses I knew she would wear without a bra. This was during the beginins of our hotwifing and this was a big step for her when I bought her first one. This night I also bought her a slightly shorter than normal Skirt that had a slgiht wrapover but would allow her leg some sexy exposure. i bought her a pair of crotchless panty hoise and told her i loved the thought of possibly being able to cop a felll while on our tour. She agreed and when she was all dressed up she looked adorable. The blouse also made her look about 10 years younger.
When we got on board, we found a spot away from the crowd in a corner that was somewhat darker . It had a candle on the table that wasnt lit. I found out through a lot of questioning that Joey worked that table and made certain we got a spot there. When joey came to wait on us, I asked him to light the candle. He bent forward and as the candle lit, He got a good look down my wifes cleavage. he held the candle to guard against the wind until it got lit better. As he stood there bent over his eyes wandered over my wifes breasts and then up to her eyes. She was appreciating the admiration and when their eyes locked, I noticed the glimmer in both of their eyes. His may have been more from lust, but hers was stemming from a joy of being admired from such a handsome young man as well as I believe thoughts of lust.
I broke the spell for a sexond by asking if he would mind bringing us a shot of irish mist (which I made certain would be on board, and I knew from previous encounters would get her glowing quicker), and a tanqueray and tonic. We both liked the same drink.
Joey responded and said no problem and asked if there was anything else I could bring. I said shy dont your bring yourself one too, My treat. He said he wasn't old enough and I said...yeah like that was going to stop him. he grinned and said ok, but he sint supposed to be drinking while working. I told him I would watch while he enjoyed his. He agreed and brought us our drinks. As he set them down, I said scoot over next to my wife. it will give you the most cover and I will stand watch over the doorway. He raised his glass and my wife and I raised ours too. I was near the doorway and they were cozily sitting side by side. He put his arm around her shoulder and they clinked glasses and shot it down. I enjoyed mine by the door.
They grinned at each other and I felt a sexual tension as he put his glass down. I knew they both wanted to kiss, but didn't . He got up and thanked me. I told him to bring us another and he grinned and said aye aye sir. I laughed and hugged him as he passed. he hugged me back and went out the door. I sat back down and my wife said, Isn't that the young man from the graduation party. I said who are you talking about. She reminded me and I said Oh ya know you may be right. We kissed and raised our glasses and enjoyed our drink and the view for a few moments and then he returned with another round of Irish mists. I took my glass, and returned to the doorway. he returned to his spot with my wife and again placed his arm on her shoulder and this time he gently put his hand around her shoulder and pulled him tighter to himself as he raised his glass and they clinked tips. he said...."To us"! and then we all drank up. he looked at her and the spark ignited. He looked like he was going to kiss her this time, and he just squeezed her to him a bit more and then he put his arm down as well as his glass and got up. he was walking by me as he said Shes gorgeous. I gave him a hug and said I know it, Isn't she luscious he said you know it. I told him to bring another round along with another round of Tanquerays. He grinned and said you got it. He then left and we sat and spoke about him again. She said I know its him. I said I think you're right. She then told me she heard rumors that he lkes some of the other mothers of his fellow students and that she heard he has made it with several of them. I said ewwww am I hearing a tone of jealousy, and then i giggled and tickled her. she said you better watch out. I may be his next victim. I grinned and said oh yeah promises, promises.
He returned after a short kiss, and said Oh oh somebody is making mejealous. I laughed and said hmm seems like great monds think alike. I winked at him and said You forgot your tanqueray. He looked at me and said I thought you only wanted me to bring the extra irish mist. I said what the hell. live it up, I can drive ya home if your worried about getting drunk.
He said I'll be right back.
He returned with his drink and sat down next to my wife again. As they raised their glasses, they both put a hand on the others' shoulders. I walked to the door and looked out to check it out and as I turned around I saw the two of them kissing a short kiss and he raised his glass and said cheers to good friends.
I toasted and as I walked back he gave her another quick kiss and then stood up and took a big chug , set his glass down and walked to ward me . he hugged me and said damn she is hot. I said, I know, isn't she something else and we both hugged a bit longer this time. I sat down with her and kissed her with a lot of passion. She said damn I think that young man is flirting with me. I said it sure looks more than flirting, and then grinned. She said you dirty old man, and laughed. I grinned and said a guy can only hope.
She hugged me and kissed me hard and long. Joey returned and said, I couldn't remember if you ordered another round or not, so this one is on me. I laughed and said I did not, but he was too young to buy, so It was on me.
We both luahged and he again sat down next to my wife. he put his arm around her and said I sure do like you guys. he then kissed my wife before raising his glass. he looked at me, and said To a great new freindship. I raised my glass and then thre it down the hatch. As i lowered the glass He looked at my wife, they both glimmered and then he leaned over, put his arms around her and kissed her deep and passionately. I almost came as they kissed. He stopped and looked at me.I winked at them both and said I will remain on watch. I turned my back and watched the doorway as they continued to make out. I had my glass of gin and enjoed the nice warm evening air. Nobody was anywhere in sight. Joey broke the kiss and said I think I better go check on last call before I get called out. he went and left us to talk about what just happened. She said I cant believe he was so casual about kissing me in front of my own husband. I said I couldn't either, but I enjoyed it.
I kissed her with more passion than I can ever remember. We wer int eh modst of a deep passionate kiss when he returned with 6 shots and another round of tanquerays. He said damn you two are going to make a young man jealous if you don't quit. I said I was sorry. I then said you better take your palce so we can have another sot. I walked to the doorway and they were again kissing as I turned. I just watched for a while without saying anything. Joey then broke the kiss and said Wow I never thought Ai'd meet soemone as kewl as you guys. hes to good friends. he then clinked glasses with her and kissed her again before downing the shot. he returned to kissing her and said He wishes this night wouldn't end.I grinned and returned to my watch.
he ended their kiss saying he really needed to see if he could end his shift early. he returned and said his buddy would cover for him and he said he told him where to find him if the boss wanted him. he again sat down and began some deep passionate kissing which turned into his feeling her tits and her melting passionately into his arms. I saw a young man rushing towards us and said hey joey someone is coming. the young man rushed past me before they broke their kiss, and he said hey dummy, zip it up and get back to the bar quick, the ol man is on a rampage. I thought he was joking about zipping it up, but as joey stood, my wife's hand was pulled from is lap and he was tucking and zipping. his friend noticed it as well as me, and he left in a hurry along with Joey behind him. I sat back with her and she said I am so sorry and she looked down as if in shame. she looked back up and said...."Your hard?" I grinned and said hell yes and I am not sorry. she looked at me and I said I am so turned on and I hope you can continue when he returns. He came back and he brought a bottle of irish mist this back don as I oured us all another round. he kissed her and smiled at ne and then he raised his glass and said you 2 are somethng else. I smiled and said you are too. he grinned, kissed my wife hard and then toasted us again saying I am so happy to have met you two tonight. He kissed her again and then we all drank up. they went back to kissing and i turned to the door again to see his freind rob looking at us. he grinned and said he didn't believe joey. I asked what he told him. He said Joey was telling him he was making out with this guys wife while he watched and the guy wasn't pissed. I hugged him and said no i wasn't and as a matter of fact if he played his cards right he might get the opportunity as well.
He grinned and said mind if I have a shot as well. I poured him a half a glass in one of the enpty tanqueray glasses and he downed it quickly and said fillit up. I did na dhe downed it as well. He took off and in a short time the boat docked. Joey asked what kind of car we had. I told him we had a gmc safari van dark bklue. he said he would only be about 10 minutes. I grinned and hugged him and he kissed my wife again and said I'll see your shortly.
She was straing at him as he went throughthe door. she looked up at me and said your still hard. I said yeah I know and laughed. She then said, I can not believe i am being so naughty. I said I am loving it whether I believe it or not. I then sat down and kissed her deeply. she said ...did you know I was holding his penis. I said I sure thought so. she said it was huge. I said kewl. I then kissed her again and said lets take him home and keep him. she laughed and said you dirty old man. I told her lets get gong to the car. We got to the car and we were inside kissing when we heard a knock on the door. I turned to see Joey and rob standing there. Joey said rob needed a ride home. I said jump in, I told rob to get in front and let them sit in back togehter. She looked at me and grinned and then she got up and kissed me and slid in back as joe got in next to her. Rob sat in front and leaned back and said dont do anything I wouldn t do. They laughed, My wife punched his arm and said keep your eyes front, then added you too old man. with that i started the rngine, adjusted my morrir and glanced at rob. he grinned and glanced back to see her feeling the bulge in joeys pants. joey was kissing her and as we pulled out I heard a zipping sound and then another zipping sound. I checked the mirror and saw both of them sliding out of their jeans and skirt. She was now nude and eh was too, obviously going commando. Rob was rubber necking the whole ride. We got to our house and I drove straight into the garage and closed the door. We walked in and let them stay in the van for a while. I told rob I was going to slip into the spa and asked if he wanted to join me. He said sure and said I aint got any swim suit, I said I dint expect any as I was going nude. he said ok by me. we grabbed a few beers and as I dropped my jeans he followed suit. he was a little guy but his cock was obviously not. he was not hard but was of good lenght and girth soft. He looked like he was about 6 inched=s soft. we got in and he downed his first beer in a second and popped the econd saying Ive got to catch up. he downed the second one and as he reached for a third, I said go for it. he grinned and said Ill get us a few more when i finish this one. I said no problem.
he then shugged his thrid beer down and i finished mine as he set his down. he stood up and as he stood, I noticed he was a bit harder. I said whoa, nice package. he said I thought you'd never notice. he then jumped out and got us a few more beers. he sat down and said it looks like they found their way inside. they left a trail of clothes into the bedroom. I laughed and said I can hardly wait to see. he said Oh, I thought you were more interested in this as he glanced down. i said I wasn't exactly waiting and hoping, but I wan't going to pass up an appetizer. he said it aint no appetizer, ita a main course.
he got up and tugged it a few times. and as it became fully erect he shoved it towards my face. I just opened my mouth and sucked him in. I was so turned on from earlier and now with this young mans cock in my mouth, i came under water and he was soon grunting and moaning. he came and we both collapsed. he sat there a while and said lets go check ion. I said I was thinking the same thing. I got to the bedroom door and we peekd in to see them just lying there huffing and puffing. I sat on the bed and said so, how was she. she hit me and said your such a pig. joey said she was amazing. I leaned over and ksieed her. Rob leaned over and kisse d joey. I said ahhh so ou are both bi> i grinned and she said well big boy you can finally have your cake and eat it oo. I said I thought youd never ask. I spread her legs and ate her out and sucked and swalloed his fresh load from her succulent pussy. she bucked and came and she hedl my head close tim she calmed down. I shot a load on the sheets and looked over to see rob blwong joey. he shot hard and I looked at robs cock and said, damn girl you got to check this thing out. She bent over and swalloed his cock. we watched as she blew him. I soon felt oeys hand on my cock and he was looking at me grinning. he said lets enjoy ourselves while we wait our turn. I laughed and said you make her sound like a ferris wheel. I got kicked by her and fell on the floor. We continued enjoying each other for the rest of the night and we remained freinds for many years. we still get togehter often, but with their wives not knowing.
Sue the good wife


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#23 Posted: 28 Nov 2011 01:38
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Our first rule for 3somes was no kissing....I just thought that was such an intimate act that it should stay between my husband and myself. That didn't last long and was just one of the many stupid rules I made and then broke lol. When the beautiful black man came up from behind me and started kissing my neck and I could feel his cock against my ass....I felt behind me with my hand and WOW that was big! Next thing I knew we were making out like mad and I was officially in heat. Hubby was stunned and amazed but he got over it. Turns out kissing is one of my favorite things with to do with other men....especially in public.



#24 Posted: 28 Nov 2011 06:54
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So very hot, I loved seeing it!


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#25 Posted: 28 Nov 2011 18:03
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dusty, that was long but VERY well worth it!

Thank you very much for sharing it.


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#26 Posted: 28 Nov 2011 18:12
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I'll never foget the hard on I had while my wife toungh kissed her best friend (and then bj him and a few days later fucked him) the kissing was the best part indeed! Τρελή γκαύλα


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#27 Posted: 4 Dec 2011 07:59
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Horny horny horny xx
a36a sissy cuck to my wife


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#28 Posted: 12 Dec 2011 16:29
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Thank you guys; I enjoyed reading this thread.

One of the things I enjoy most about Christmas is watching my girlfriend on the sofa kissing other men at parties.

It's such an intimate thing to do. She's normally a bit unadventurous, but for a few minutes at Christmas another man becomes the centre of her universe, and I get to have a good look!


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#29 Posted: 12 Dec 2011 16:47
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#30 Posted: 6 Jan 2012 17:44 · Edited by: 2talldrinks 
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I love watching her kiss her dates the most. So sexy to watch her passionately kiss another man

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Your wife's first kiss with another man ....
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