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Natasha. Before we went out

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Hi. Update? yes. we opend a profile on a german sex side. Offered her as escort for one night. Highest bid wins. Was amazing experience. And we earned almost 1000€. smile


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very quiet here now. Where are all the guys? no cucks anymore?


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The site is I major decline my friend. Too much crap and the biggest posters are now the owners who masquerade under various guises, pretending to be real cucks. Very few new genuine posts here anymore. It seems to me the site was sold by the original owner just about the time of the decline starting (maybe as cucking went from a obscure fetish to more mainstream - who can say) and the new owners made some bad choices and the decline got worse.

None of us are very happy but there it is....IMHO.



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Whoa--just discovered this smokin hot thread. Love your photos of your wife. Thanks.


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I enjoyed your postings and think your wife is smokin' HOT. THANK YOU for sharing all those great shots!

You're correct about the decline of this site and how it appears that there's a masquerade party here instead. Bye the ways Pop's, as I said before.... your wife is always smoking HOT!

Cuck who loves a creampie.
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Rating: 52, 19 votes.
Hotwives on Dates / Hotwives on Dates /
Natasha. Before we went out
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