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verbal Humiliation - any ideas?

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Posts: 129
#1 Posted: 9 May 2006 22:12
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How can I get my wife to verbally humiliate me? We are just starting and need some suggestions (she dos not know what to say without feling silly).

Any help would be great!


Posts: 536
#2 Posted: 10 May 2006 09:53
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She should interrogate you about your entire past sexual history, any fantasies you're trying to hide and what you're willing to do to please her.


Posts: 159
#3 Posted: 10 May 2006 12:53
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my suggestions:
-have your wife call u a bitch during sex
-she should complain about how small ur dick is and how ur a terrible lover
-she should also say how she wishes she had a bigger, stronger hung man to fuck
-also she talk about other men she lusts after and how u can't compare


Posts: 21
#4 Posted: 10 May 2006 13:18
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I started my wife out with a little 'game.' When we would go shopping or whatever, I had her pick a guy that she would screw and have her point him out to me. I was a bit humilating for me having her check out other guys in front of me. Then I started calling her 'mistress' as kinda a joke when we were fooling around and thingsprogressed from there. She felt a little silly to about the verbal offense thing but gradually got into it. Now she calls me 'cunt' during regular conversation i.e. "good morning, cunt." LOL, it never fails to turn me on.


Posts: 129
#5 Posted: 13 May 2006 13:54
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm trying to get started but don't know how to get her to do it!

Anybody any suggestions, I don't want to scare her off it?

Do I hand her queue cards or just make suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated.


Posts: 162
#6 Posted: 13 May 2006 17:48
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My girlfriend's the same way. Shyness sucks


Posts: 175
#7 Posted: 31 May 2006 15:38
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My wife uses sublety and humiliates me by using her lover's name alot: I went to lunch with Jim. Jim said this, Jim did that, I was talking to Jim, Jim wore this, had a meeting with Jim...etc. They have sex in our bed and she knows that the mere mention of HIS name makes me shrivel up inside and out. She will find ways to bring his name up to me in front of other people as well, at least some of whom know about our relationship and what she does.


Posts: 350
#8 Posted: 1 Jun 2006 02:51
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It doesn't even have to be verbal offense for me. We had a family BBQ. My family was at our house when around the corner her lover walked into the back yard. She started to introduce him to all of my family as one of her coworkers. I had no idea she had invited him. I was in a state of panic. Was he going to say anything? was she? It looked completely awkward and and I wondered if my family suspected anything.
I went into the house to help bring out food and saw him reach down and grab her ass in the kitcarbonsmudgen while my moms back was turned. He was smiling at me the whole time, I had to go to the bathroom to jack off.


Posts: 34
#9 Posted: 15 Jun 2006 16:24
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Get her to dress you up in a outfit and make you dance hboy
Phoenix MWF Carmen


Posts: 48
#10 Posted: 15 Jun 2006 19:50
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Creampie 8 asked: How can I get my wife to verbally humiliate me?
She has to come around on her own, as 'good' girls are not used to talking like that. Remember, you are breaking down normal female social barriers.

I had the same problem 12 years ago. Now, it is nothing for me to gently remind my husband while having sex that (1) he is too small to adequately please me as my black lovers do; (2) he doesn't have the stamina as my lovers do (3) and recently, have been slapping his balls while I orally please him (which sends a message that I am not happy with his size, as I would not do that to a lover.

I might suggest that you start the practice of cleaning the cream pie after you have her. Don't wait to be asked or told. When you climax in her, just slide down and clean it. Make it the last thing that you do. Also, when you are done, lay back up beside her and self-demoralize your self. Tell her something like, "I know my size precludes total satisfaction for you and I am sorry." -or- "Thank you for allowing me to clean you up." -or- soemthing equally debasing. Eventually she will get it and will participate as a normal part of your pitiful attempts to please her with your undersized, low stamina, dribbling male organ.


Posts: 827
#11 Posted: 16 Jun 2006 02:05
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mymonkey i just emailed my ex (who still cucks me / teases me)
about the idea you posted maybe shell do it to me


Posts: 1509
#12 Posted: 16 Jun 2006 07:23
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My wife calls me things like:-

Cunt licker
Pussy wipe
Kleanex boy

As I eat her cum-filled pussy, I love it!


Posts: 392
#13 Posted: 16 Jun 2006 17:36
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Regularly i make my sissy stand with his ball weights on and i just talk about what real men do for me,how i make love to them and enjoy pleasuring them.
On a daily basis i tell him how pathetic he is and ive even given him a girly name:alexis.
He is truly pathetic,knix,stockings,painted toes etc...ha ha
Dick Diva


Posts: 319 Pictures: 3 
#14 Posted: 16 Jun 2006 20:16
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like Phoenix MWF Carmen said, she has to come around to it on her own. Try what mymonkey suggests and have you start doing the verbalizing first.

When you want to come say:

"May I come now please?"

you ask a question and she will give a response.

When you finish having sex say.

"Thank you for allowing me to cum" or simply "thank you"

When she gets out of the shower, be there with a towel and dry her off and ask,

"Did I miss a spot?"

almost any response to that can be fun.

Slowly she might get into the game that you want - using the opportunities to humiliate you as time goes on.

Can you imagine one day when you say thank you after sex and she comes back with "well I'm glad someone enjoyed it" :)
Vancouver BC, Canada


Posts: 129
#15 Posted: 17 Jun 2006 03:59
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Thank you everyone who has responded, they are all good suggestions.

Unfortunately I already went on too much about eating her out after sex, it is a big no no!

Does anybody know where I can find any verbal offense audio files?

I am a cuckold wanna be who does want to wear your cum soaked panties whilst cleaning out a creampie...but I don't think I will ever get the chance.


Posts: 2
#16 Posted: 22 Jun 2006 03:21
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My wife will take me to a adult toy store and ask the female clerk for a dildo for my wife to use on me or for a cuckolding movie. She will tease me infront of the clerk and the other customers. Then when we are carbonsmudgecking out at cash regester she will say "Be a good boy and pay for that".


Posts: 129
#17 Posted: 29 Aug 2006 20:10
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Ok, its still not happennig. Where can I find que(queue)cue? cards that she can follow?

Help! please! someone!


Posts: 129
#18 Posted: 2 Sep 2006 16:05
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Has anybody any idea what I can do?



Posts: 655 Pictures: 8 
#19 Posted: 7 Oct 2006 12:04
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my Wife took me to a lingerieshop and asked the saleslady if i could fit some lingerie. She spoke to her in a real loud voice, Its for him!
imagine the offense
stupid questions dont exist...
stupid answers however....
karli kunt


Posts: 141
#20 Posted: 8 Oct 2006 04:45 
Up to the first message 
My Dear Creampie 8,

My experience is that most women find it very difficult to verbalize. The first step is breaking down their resistance is to explain to them how much it excites you to be verbally humiliated. A good way to iniitiate this conversation is to get a Fem/Dom cuckold movie and watch it with her.
Find some good stories about C/c relationships and read them out loud to your wife/girlfriend. Have her read out loud the parts where the Domme is verbally degrading her tiny dicked partner. Get here used to reading the exciting parts over and over out loud. The more she verbalizes language about your tiny dick, the superiority of Real Men and what a pathetic lover you are, the easier it will be for here to start using these words during your loveplay.

However, don't count on your wife/gf to just start doing this. Suggest words for her to say to you and then have her repeat them. Explain to her that this is just like being an Actress in a Movie. Even though these are not words she would say or expressions she would use, she needs to practice using them just like an Actress practices her lines. Once she has said them outline 12-15 times, she may be ready to use these words in a more spontaneous way. If she isn't, then, play a game where you verbally humiliate yourself and have her follow by repeating your words and/or phrases.

Your nympho sissyslut cd/tv kunt gurl,
ms. karli kunt
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verbal Humiliation - any ideas?
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