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cucks, what where the signs that your wife was fucking someone else?

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Look for other changes as well. New hair style? New underwear? More attention to her appearance? More time away from you? More time with her "friends"? It all adds up eventually.


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What's interesting is you asked about signs she "fucked someone else", and equated that with cheating.

As it happens I had a very very open relationship with a girl that was fucking lots of other people. Yet in the end... and quite inexplicably... she began cheating. And it ended up having all the same signs as the other relationships which ended in cheating! So there seems to be a very real difference that comes over a girl when she's cheating, regardless if she's fucking others or not. In fact the changes with the slutty girl began before she had actual sex with the guy she decided to cheat with. I'll describe the signs I saw with her though it could largely stand for the other instances.

One sign, and I still can't explain this beyond change in hormones, is that her pussy smelled different. It was quite sudden and even she remarked on it, though she had no idea that I had smelled that sort of change before and realized something might be up.

More important are the signs bignfl mentioned. She'd want to change her looks in some way. In fact it's my experience they'll suddenly be disatisfied with many things that were normal in their life, perhaps for years. Not even about you, just theirself. Suddenly she may not like her favorite foods or music. I assume that's taking on traits that her new guy likes or that she thinks he likes. Although I saw no change in time spent away, there was a sudden reserve of time to herself in general and any normal or usual request for time together is suddenly viewed as a burden.

And exactly in line with what you said, out of nowhere she began giving head differently and she would rather I just eat her out. It seemed like Invasion of the Body Snatchers before it was verified she was having an affair. In this case, she went from being a hotwife fucking just about anyone, to a prudish permister who only wanted one guy, who was himself rather prudish. Go figure. The signs were the same.

That said, menopause may also bring out a lot of this. Im too young to have seen anything related to that.

From experience, I'd suggest you don't get bogged down in it and so let it effect your own life. She's cheating or she is not. Letting suspicion rule your life is no way to live. Of course if it gets you off, imagine what you like and don't worry what is true or not.


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its all in the pussy.....look for changes there.....simple....


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if she lets


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My wife started getting moody and picking fault but it was the bruises on her arms from where he pinned her to the seat of his car while he humped her that was the real giveaway.


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My wife cheated on me even before we were married but she loved me and showed me that she loved me. But when she went through the change she would throw it in my face she even did this in front of our kids. She flat out told me she didn't love me or want me. It was hell to go through but one day she was back stopped cheating on me till the day she died. My head was really fucked up and still is and she has been dead for almost three years just could never trust her. Its different when I was included in the cheating like cleaning her up but when its hidden puts a different meaning to it. Good luck yo you.


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For me, I was apart from my wife when it happened. She normally told me all about what she did on her nights out with friends because we didn't get to talk much, but all of a sudden there were a few nights that all she would say is "Oh, not much, it was fun, that's all..."
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For my hotwife, I noticed she was distant and a little moody. I then got home early from work one day and she just seemed surprised and super happy to see me. I said lets have sex and she was kind of hesitant, but said yes and I tasted the other guy. I kept going down on her and she was moaning and I said if you want me to continue licking you, you have to tell me who came in you. She told me the whole story of how she was fucking a coworker for a year and he had just left and he always came in her. I was so hard I put my cock in her and came immediately. She asked if I was mad and I said no, I just want to watch once. She gladly said yes and we have been doing it ever since!


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i think me fucking his close friend in front of him and making him clean me kind of gave it away.
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Well, there is the gentle touch approach to letting someone know you've been seeing someone else, but I think luvpain's is the nuclear bomb of the cuckold world ;)
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My wife had a coworker she flirted with all the time at work. She went to a work social with him one night (no spouses) and came home takes, wet and horny.
The next day he stopped by on his lunch hour (she was off that day) and she sucked him off in our living room. When I got home, she greeted me with a BIG kiss and then told me about her day!
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My wife was 28 and her co worker was 39. He was helping her out on a project.

They used to call each other, email each other. I even warned her that no married guy has close female friends like you without wanting more. This was before I knew I liked being a cuck and it pissed me off and the guy pissed me off. I wanted to kick his ass.

Bunch of people would go for takes after work and she always came home late and I realized that everyone would leave the pub around 9 and then my wife and the guy would have a couple more takes, then talk in his car. After work they would come to my house and drop off her car and he told me it was safer so she didnt havent to worry about takeing and driving. I was all for it.

Once I even found them in my driveway with the lights off in the car and they were there for about an hour. I could not see in the car.

She denied anything was happening. She denied, deny, deny ,deny. Until I was blue in the face and almost caught them many times but she was good at lying. I actually was dumb enough to believe her.

I found out he slowly taught her many many things. Sucking him to completion in his office, in his truck. Him being responsible for her getting rid of all her underwear and buying only thongs or g-strings. I was stupid enough to think my wife was changing for the better on her own.

The day I really knew she was cheating was when she sucked my cock without me begging her to and she said I could cum inside her mouth. ALL without me asking anything about sex. Up to that point I was never ever ever allowed to cum in her mouth and I truly needed to beg for a blowjob. That sealed it for me.

I knew the guilt got to her. She felt bad for me. Hindsight, I did leave her many weekends going skiing, out west to ski, still partying like I was in college.

We ski a ton and was away many weekends and my wifeslowly came up with excuses to stay behind and get things done. One weekend per month she would stay home, then 2 then 3 then all four. Weekends he used to stay and fuck her in my bed.

Long story short, I realized I liked it and we now have a great cuck relationship.
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hot subject...tame in comparison of other ones but this is more true and real life.....

so here are a few recent signs from my wife that makes me wonder:
- she needed to go shopping so i was going to take her to the mall as i had to go in another town close by. she said yes then changed her mind and said that a male friend was going to take her, as he had to go in this same town anyway. so she went with him and not me.
- she bought some new bras...not super sexy, as she is a bit overweight, but good looking. they hold her 42 D nice and round.
- she wanted to make love and tried a new position....we had done it before, many years ago, but it is extremely rare that she on her own ask for this. she is very conservative....

this just happened in the last few days....

One today wife was wearing just a long tee-shirt...nothing under ....she even went outside like that....just spring fever?
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hi newatthis17

may i ask you how old your wife is?

i know these signs and i know the feelings a husband has when his wife is giving head in a different, much more sensual and erotic way.

how is it going on with your wife (and her potential lover)?

many greetings from a collegue
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cucks, what where the signs that your wife was fucking someone else?
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