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what has wife said to make you cum

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Nearly twenty years ago my then girlfriend told me she had a 'soft spot' for black guys, but had never had one. I asked 'How big of a soft spot?, and she replied. 'The same soft spot your dick is screwing right now!'


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My wife is the very shy quiet type.

This was years ago before I knew my wife had a very submissive side to her.

I play on a hockey team - we normally do very well, but were on a losing streak. the guys and their wives all go to the bars together after games.

My wife and I were playing around in bed one night and she told me she knew a way to get the team winning again. i asked what we should do. She told me we needed to get a team slut.

I must have looked really confused. She was playing with my dick the whole time she gave me her idea. She said we needed a woman to sneak into the locker room after a win - strip in front of all the guys and start at one end and just begin servicing all the guys from one end to the other. The guys would be chearing like crazy and fighting for their turn.

The slut would only come into the locker room to service the guys after a win.

I was getting pretty horny at the idea, and picturing it. All the guys waiting for their turn to use some slut.

The wives and girlfriends would all be waiting for the guys out in the lobby while the guys were fucking the slut in the locker room. the guys would all begin winning so they could fuck the team slut after the games. Depending on their preference, they could use the sluts mouth, pussy or even her ass. when one guy was done, he would pass the slut to the next guy.

Eventually the other wives and girlfriends would figure out what was going on and start calling the woman a slut behind her back whenever they saw her. The team slut would even go to the bars after games and let guys fuck her in the bar bathrooms.

my wife was still playing with my dick at the time, and I told her she was crazy, that no woman in her right mind would want to do that, that hockey locker rooms smell and are filthy and disgusting and it would be impossible to get a hooker to do that. My wife said it wouldn't be a hooker, it would be one of the wives who took on the whole team.

I laughed and said, good luck finding one of them to do that.

My wife leaned in close and whispered in my ear "I want to be the team slut"


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I finally got my wife to cuck me after years of fantasy.
With a black man on holiday in Jamaica.
What made me cum so hard,was asking if he was bigger and better.
I think she said yes much bigger and much better because she felt guilty about fucking him and wanted to please me.
Made me cum right away lol


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Having spent time licking then fingering my wife, I pulled over to get my prick in her, when she pushed her hand down to stop me saying:
"No, I don't want you; only your finger."
That was about two years ago and my prick's not got near her cunt since. Yet, strangely, the act of denial makes me more excited. Recently she suggested she might let me put it in her again, but instead of being excited I felt it would be disappointing to end such a long (and exciting) abstinence.


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Very hot! It is always interesting to me to meet men on here with submissive wives. I tend to think of cuckolding as being mostly submissive guys. For instance, my mistress (ex-wife) loved the fantasy, but said that she saw me as the slut. Thank you for sharing.


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Great thread.
My wife is very excited with the offense when she has been takeing. I try to keep holy water around all the time now. Last summer vacation while jacking me off. She quized me about my desire for her to fuck other guys that were better and much bigger. She leaned into my ear and kept wispering how much better he would be and how easy it would be to find him. How he would make her cum and told me to imagine her legs spread wide, kissing him while he fucked her like i never could. Right before I was about to cum she said "then why would I need you at all with your dick" Maybe I would bring him back here and he could give you some pointers. That was all it took and I came everywhere.


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My Debbie knows hot talk gets me off quick. Even when I fuck her without talk, I only last under a minute at best. When she talks dirty to me, I cum in seconds. She and I both know I don't satisfy her with my cock, she will always remind me that she needs a much thicker and just a little longer cock to make her cum. After I have serviced her pussy with my mouth, she may or may not let me enter her. If she says no, then she will let me dribble on her pussy or tits. If she does let me enter her, then she will always say " come on little boy, try and fuck me the best you can with that little cock of yours" " That's it, faster, faster my little cocked hubby" " You better enjoy it because I'm locking that little cock up after you dribble your load on me"

Just reliving it makes me hard.


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My dick slipped out of my wife once when she had been takeing and she laughed and said "is my pussy too big for you" I said "I like it loose" Her: Well, I guess I just need to find a bigger cock" I cam quickly and she hadn't. i asked her if I could help finish her and she said "no, I will wait until later" I snuggled behind her, both naked and said I could tell she was still horny and her pussy was still hot and wet. She leaned back and gave me a kiss and said" Too bad you can't make your wife cum".

It never goes further the next day. She always stops the talk and won't discuss it the next day or after that. I suppose it is because she is sober and more reserved then.


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Very hot thread. Love it, my wife was sometimes quite cruel in how she chooses the moment to "make her point" .

Its funny how it can hurt & excite at the same time.


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#70 · Edited by: marcus7873
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Some of the quotes from my ex wife Julie who cucked me for 6 years. Started with the first time she ever blew me, and on seeing my 4 inch erect cock said with a smirk

- "A Snickers fun size!"

Other things she said over the years:

- "Are you inside of me? I can't tell?"

- " I have seen kids with bigger dicks then you!"

- " If you don't finish I'm going to just go to relax."

- " Lick Mario's cum out from my pussy like a good bitch."

She would also regularly tell me about having sex with her co workers and bosses, after I found the video tape of her getting double teamed. There was also the times I was present but that is another story



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My wife agreed to get herself off everyday for 6 months while I watch. She informed me of the possible ramifications. ie. might not need sex with me much if at all. I agreed. It has been only 8 days and she has taken to it quickly. She requested some porn, lesbian specifically, to watch if she must get herself off everyday. I lnow jackoff all the time thinking about her.


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Quoting: tinycock
She paused a minute, then whispered right in my ear, veyr clearly, as if to make a big point:

"It was ALL TRUE!"

My Domme has been really hitting this lately by saying what she's always felt and then when I ask if she means it she says yes, yes she did.


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I like her quoting what guys have said to her while she was out.
In the woods on the first "date" "This looks like a good place to take off your top. As a matter of fact, why don't you just go ahead and take everything off right here"
So she strips completly naked and stands there for him. He tongue kisses her on the mouth and she kisses back while he yanks on her tits, feels and fingers ass and pussy for quite some time, then steps away looks her up and down and says:
"I just kissed you that one time to prove I can if I want to. Now bend over and suck my dick..."
Well, I do hate to cum so early in the story, but her telling me that that combined with her exceedingly used condition did push me over the edge.


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My wife says lots of things, but the most memroable was when we went to her college reunion party at a big hotel. We went to our room & started to fool around. She thought that an old boyfriend was going to try and get into her pants, but they just folled around a little bit when I wasn't next to her at the reunion party.

She was laying on her belly, a pillow under her hipd, and I was sliding my cock between the cheeks of her lovely little bottom while she wiggled it back & forth. I was teasing her a little bit that nothing happened with her old BF, when she got her cell phone & called him!!! While she slowly slid my cock up & down along the crack of her ass, she flirted with him. When he asked where I was, she said:

"He's ****** on the bed, & I'm coming out to play!"

That made me come all over her back! I couldn't help it.
Old Enough to know better...but I don't!


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Honey, "I won the lottery!"


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that's a classic right there!


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My girlfriend fucks her big dildo then when I fuck her after she tells me she cant feel my little uncut dick at all... makes me so turned on
Ronald Curry


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The wife has really been more vocal especially after takeing and many times pulls out her favorite vibrator. But when I'm inside of her she has been saying "Im going to take my pussy away from you. I need you to fuck it good or you won't get anymore" Once she actually took it away that night. And twice recently she uttered "this is pathetic" while I was half limp fucking her. Been looking into an extender and hope that opens up more of her sexual being.
Ronald Curry
mi gusta


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My wife and I have a couple we often party with and swap even have all 4 intermingled but the other nite she told me she wanted to take on us guys all by herself while the other woman watched and then she wants her to clean her pussy n ass. My wife hasnt had a woman or taken on 2 at once other then us including a dildo. I shot a load so fast but she kept on telling me more and i came twice more.
Another time and some may find hot some may not but when my wife cums it puts a strong odor in the air. I love it honestly. Whenevef i smell it it makes me fuxk harder and want to eat her out right that second
So after she came and filled the room with her fuck scent she told me keep fuckin my stinky pussy till you cum and lick it clean i want to rub ur nose in so you smell me for hours! God i fell in love with her and came all in that minute


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The very first time my wife fucked another guy, black guy, when we were dating. She came home from this very first date and told me the details. I could hardly wait to fuck her. SO I slid in and said "wow your so wet, your very horny" She said "no little dick, thats not me thats cum from my date that fucked me" my little cock ached when she said that. She did not let me cum in her though, she told me she liked feelnig his cum in her pussy so I had to finish by jerking off on her tramp stamp.


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When my first wife dumped me for a black guy, she then went around telling everyone i was too small to satisfy her. Even my own lady got to hear about it. The most humiliating bit came when my lady demanded to know if this was true. I can still remember the shame i felt as my lady made me lover my trousers and pants for her to see for herself.

This offense even carried on into my second marriage, with my lady making sure that my second wife knew all about my shortcoming during my first marriage.


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One of my married lovers recently told me that I made her cum more times in one afternoon than her husband has in the past year. He cums really quickly and it takes a while to get her going, but once she starts, she'll cum again and again. So if you can't hold back and keep it up, she gets frustrated. Plus he's only about four inches even when he's hard.

It's not a cuckold thing, though. She's just lonely and needs a competent lover with a reamisterably large cock. However, when she's ready for me to cum, all I have to do is imagine that her hapless husband is wearing her panties and kneeling at the foot of the bed while I'm on top of her and I'll explode deep in her pussy.


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My wife sits on my face and tells me all the details after she has had sex with her ex HS boyfriend after work..he has a very large cock..I am 7.5 or so but he is the biggest she has ever had..and still likes to do him occasionally.


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Wife has a ten inch thick dildo, same size as her ex-boyfriend. She will attach it to a small furniture and back up on it doggy,while telling me that Michael used to fuck her way deeper than me. After she cums al over the dildo,she willget on the bed and let me fuck her sideways. She tells me that she can not feel my little pecker at all after getting fucked by her ex-boyfriend. I cum wihin thirty seconds. It is a huge fantasy of mine to watch my wife get fucked by a cock a lot bigger than mine, and she obliges me by fucking hat huge dildo


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Was getting fucked by her boyfriend and she says, "take that dick like the pussy you are." My little cock started squirting.


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My wife and I often fantasise about her with other guys and being a slut to strangers. When she has been out with her girl friends takeing and partying she will come home to me waiting for her, excited and anticiating, she knows it too, she will tell me about the younger guys hitting on her at the club and how they wanted to fuck her in the car park, she sometimes will tell me she was going outside to fuck them and that they were to bring a few of their friends as well. By now I am fucking her as she tells the story and its when she tells me that she grunts to them "to fuck her nasty married cunt harder and to blow right up inside so I can let my hubby feel it when I get home"makes me cum every time.

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what has wife said to make you cum
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