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Amature wife don't understand- pics

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My wife is Filipino. Married 26 years. We use to swing two years ago. But she has really tapered of with that. Once in a great while she'll agree to MFM with a buddy of mine.
As nice a body as she has, I just don't find fucking her exciting anymore. However, when I think of her getting fucked by several men at once, it's hard-on time.
I told her about this. I told her she needed to get fucked more often by different men and I wanted to be there to also fuck her in a mini gang bang.
I explained how I felt our sex life had suffered the past 2 years. She thinks our sex life is great. I tell her it's so bad it is affecting our marriage.

I want to share her and get back into regular swinging, at least once a month. I told her I needed sex at least 4 times a week. She can barely do that and she would let me have a GF on the side.
What's a guy to do?
I plowed my wife last night but couldn't cum. It actually got bored while inside her. I tried talking dirty to her, telling her how sexy she would look servicing several dick. But she didn't want to hear any of that. That turned me off


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sometimes i think about another guy using her and me while i fuck
Hawaii 5 O


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I've been doing that lately. I'm fucking my wife but imagining there are 5 guys waiting their turns to unload in her.
I don't understand, I'm giving her the freedom to have sex with a lot of men but she won't allow me to have sex with a lot of women.
Hawaii 5 O


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New news over the weekend. She won't budge on more males but thought she may like a FMF 3some. That's cool. I get to bang a new woman but that still don't satisfy the fantasy of watching my Filipina wife having her ass remmed by 5 dicks.
I know there's no way she can hold in 5 loads no matter how hard she tried. After the second guy every time a new dick would go in, cum would be back gushing out of her ass which would embarrass her. I tell her it's alright, and just let the guys finish. She would be exhausted afterwards. Laying on the bed with cum draining out of her ass.
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Amateur post / Amateur post /
Amature wife don't understand- pics
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