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Orgasm Denial

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#1 Posted: 30 Aug 2008 23:46
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One of the aspects of our cuckolding relationship that I dislike the most is my Wife's demand for limiting my orgasms. Before I married her, I was a chronic masturbator. I'd jack off at least once or twice daily. Now I am only allowed to have an orgasm on the second and last Sundays of each month; plus on Christmas, our anniversary, and my birthday. I went from over 700 orgasms a year to 27. The first two years of our marriage (we've been married over five years now) I got to come every Sunday, but my Wife believed that that was far too many orgasms for her cuckold.

As you can imagine it was pretty tough adjusting to such infrequent moments of sexual relief. Sexual frustration is my life. I am a married virgin cuckold who, as long as I am married to my Wife, will never have sex with my own Wife or any other woman. My only sexual relief is through masturbation. My Wife always chooses how I acheive my orgasms and She makes me consume my ejaculate every time, which ruins the moment of post orgasmic bliss.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am allowed release on the second and last Sundays of each month. This month is a dreaded Five Sunday Month. I have not come in 20 days. My Wife has been blueballing me daily, making me produce precum constantly. My balls are so sore and full and tender. If I even touched myself I think I'd explode. I have to be very careful. I had to stop watching my Wife fuck her lover, our 48 year old neighbor (my Wife's 31 and I'm 35) from our closet because it was beginning to be too much for me.

I was scheduled to come tomorrow, but my Wife just made a deal with me to wait until Labor Day. By waiting one day, my Wife has promised me a weekend of humiliation as She "unleashes the Bitch." On Monday, I get a Cuckold Appreciation Day where I get to do all the things She allows me, as her cuckold, to do with Her. At the end of the day, she is going to let me hump her leg like a dog Without one of my tiny condoms on. She is going to actually let my bare penis touch her bare leg for the first time. I'll probably come on contact so there will be very little humping going on. I will probably dribble out about a gallon of semen on my Wife's smooth lovely leg. And then She's going to make me lick all my cum off of her, but it'll be worth it.

I expect She will have lots of sex with her lover this weekend. They are going out for dinner tonight and She's getting ready right now. She looks so hot that I'm trying to avoid her so that my balls don't turn a darker shade of blue. They are planning on coming back to my Wife's house to fuck. I don't know how I'm going to handle two more days listening to them fucking and hearing my Wife praise her lover while she's belittling me. Hopefully Monday will be worth what will be 22 days of blueballed frustration.

My Wife loves the fact that She is 100% in control of every aspect of my sexual life. It turns her on to do so many things with men not married to her that her own husband is forbidden. She especially loves the fact that I will not come without her permission. Most of all She swears that "a horny cuck is an obediant cuck."

Would anyone else, Cuckoldress or cuckold, like to tell why they include orgasm denial in their cuckolding relationship?


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#2 Posted: 31 Aug 2008 19:48
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You are one lucky guy


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#3 Posted: 3 Sep 2008 17:42
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I are a lucky guy.

My wife has yet to cuckold me, as she is not interested in sleeping with another man. But I have gotten her to do the orgasm denial. I too was a chronic masturbator, before and after I got married. My wife did not approve of it and I would continue to do it in private. As I have realized my cuckold desires, I have started to plant the idea in her head. We had a hard time at first as she still had the attitude of taking care of me in bed. We would start a week of orgasm denial for me, and because she didn't really care, I would end up cumming because I didn't have enough control to voluntarily stop. Plus my wife is hot and very hard for me to resist. Over the last year we have come along way to where I am not on a set schedule, but instead we negotiate a number of massages for her that I need to complete then I get to cum. Usually she lets me cum a couple of times when that happens and then we get to start again.

Currently I am at #11 of 20 massages and I haven't cum for 19 days. We still have sex and she gives me blowjobs because she has gotten to really enjoy watching me get close and then not finishing. Her attitude has changed to where she loves to tell me 'No' anytime I ask if she is going to let me cum tonight. This morning she woke up and asked me to get the kids breakfast while she played with her toy that I got for my birthday. When we have sex, I always have to wear a condom. At first I bought a pack of pleasure control and she told me to get the ultra sensitive ones instead because she wanted me to feel more and she didn't like it when I couldn't feel anything. It made a real difference and I love it.

Last night I asked her if she thought it would be fun for her to only let me cum once a month for a full year. She said she thought that would be too much for me to handle, but that the idea sounded fun and she would definitely enjoy it. I love her new attitude and hopefully we will be having more fun soon. The next step is for her to get me caged.
Let me introduce you to my wife.


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#4 Posted: 3 Sep 2008 17:46
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I forgot to mention, that not only did she not approve of my masturbating, but her as well. She thought it was a sin to play with just yourself. Over this time, I helped her realize that it is OK with me if she plays with herself while she denies me. And she has come to enjoy it and do it more frequently. Also, while I am not in a chastity cage, when we are in the middle of one of these massage=orgasm sessions, it is not hard for me to keep my hands off of myself until she directs me to.
Let me introduce you to my wife.


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#5 Posted: 3 Sep 2008 18:16
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So how wasit Vol92?


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#6 Posted: 6 Sep 2008 21:42
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carters timidcuck_ut Thank you for responding. I guess I'm lucky with the circumstances nature has dealt me. When your penis doesn't grow through puberty, you'd better hope you're submissive and that a dominant woman will marry you and cuckold you. But I'd feel more "lucky" if I could lose my virginity and actually know what it feels like to be inside my Wife who I adore and worship. I can live with that fact more than the orgasm denial. It is very frustrating to be aroused constantly and not be able to relieve yourself more than 2 or 3 times a month.
iso_Cuckoldress Thank you too, for your response. My eventual orgasm was mind blowing. My Wife was true to Her word. She treated me to a weekend I'll never forget. I will tell the full story as soon as I can.

Would anyone, in the mean time, like to share their experiences with orgasm denial? I'd really like to hear from Cuckoldresses why they incorporate Orgasm Denial in their relationships.


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#7 Posted: 7 Sep 2008 21:49 · Edited by: exeter
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I fucked my man's face last night, he even complied that he did not / should not orgasm... you see he loves it really...says he feels aware all day of the denial,,,, trouble is we have company tonight and one guy fancies the fuck off me and not sure I will be able to resist a good fuck later while I talk my man through the torment of knowing his woman is wanted by others...
may be as close as he gets
may be as close as he gets


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#8 Posted: 8 Sep 2008 17:37
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Great pic exeter.

We had a wonderful weekend. I was out of town for business until yesterday morning. I started playing a game of 'would you rather' asking her a bunch of stuff like would you rather play with your toy or play with my cock. Mostly all fantasy stuff that she wouldn't really do, but fun and erotic to hear her answers. Then yesterday morning while I was on my way home I say lets do one for ask me one and whatever I say, we will do. So she comes back, would your rather not be allowed to see or touch my breasts or be allowed to cum today. Well I still have 9 massages to do (I have been out of town)... and I was enjoying the feeling, so even though I desperately want to cum, I know she doesn't want me to, so I answered take the breasts away. And she just says OK, done.

So, now I haven't cum for 24 days, the longest I have ever gone, I can't see or play with my wifes breasts like this pic below, and she still is horny and wants to play a lot. Last night, I got to lick her, then make love, with a condom on, until she came to 2 big orgasms and I thought she would give in, and she says "No chance, I am going to enjoy my massages." I asked her if her orgasms were more intense knowing that I am being teased and denied, and for the first time she said yes.

Also, she has been against putting me in a cock cage and she doesn't like playing with herself, so after here 'would you rather' yesterday morning, I asked her if she wanted to do one, and she said yes. So mine was "would you rather lock me up in a cock cage, or play with yourself and your vibrator every night for a week." She comes back with the cage. I asked her if she realized that this one was for real, and she says I know, maybe we can go shopping. That got me instantly hard, so it is not far off that I will be locked up. I am looking forward to it, and dreading it at the same time.

I will keep you posted as things go on.
She loves to tease me
She loves to tease me

Let me introduce you to my wife.


#9 Posted: 8 Sep 2008 19:06
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Sounds like a clever evolution she is engaged in......


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#10 Posted: 9 Sep 2008 23:45
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Well you will love it... my hubby got one and sent me pics of him wearing it while away on a trip. Amazing the effect it can have, and I even teased him so bad by riding his cage, he couldn't feel a thing.
She will find that once it gets in her head she may be a lot better at controlling you than even you hoped.
Good luck with it..we're on a big night tomorow, out in public, him caged after making my pie full of cream.


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#11 Posted: 10 Sep 2008 08:06
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Thank you very much. I hope you have a great time tomorrow night. He is a lucky man. I love your pics I have seen on some of the other threads. She will love riding me while I am in it too I think. She loves that right now, although she likes it when I am able to feel enough to get close to cumming before she stops me. Either she loves to have fun with me.
Let me introduce you to my wife.


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#12 Posted: 13 Sep 2008 14:48
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It was a great night, but I'd been so horny the night before, but he was caged up ready for the next night. so I employed the use of a great little strap on to take his place...promised him that soon I'd find us another pussy so he could be caged and have one ride his strap on while the other was serviced by his tongue, poor thing, unable to fill either of us.
strapon alternative
strapon alternative


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#13 Posted: 14 Sep 2008 16:37 · Edited by: Vol92
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My Wife and her lover got back from their date a little earilier than they usually do. I had to move quickly to the spare room so I wouldn't be discovered. Little did I know that my Wife tweaked the rules of our relationship. They rushed into the Mistress bedroom. My Wife was loud and vocal, but Her Lover didn't say a word, which is unusual. They wasted little time and started fucking right away. I could hear his balls slapping on my Wife's skin as She vocalized Her pleasure. When I heard his familiar orgasmic grunt, I could picture his semen blasting into my Wife's pussy. My tiny penis was drooling precum.
"Have fun golfing tomorrow," my Wife said. A few minutes later I heard the front door slam and was beckoned by my Wife to enter Her bedroom. Apparently the neighbor had an early golf outing and needed his rest, so they only fucked once.
When I entered the bedroom I almost came at the sight of my Wife bent over the foot of the bed. Her beautiful ass was covered in her lover's cum. My Wife has been having him come on her lately because She knows I would rather perform my clean-up duties in the form of a creampie.
"Look what my stud has done to your Wife's ass. He made a huge mess for you to lick up. You like licking My ass don't you? You love it! On your knees now!" She was kind of screaming this at me. She was using her Bitching voice.
As I lowered my mouth and tongue to her ass, she grabbed a fistfull of my hair and rubbed my face all over her cum-covered ass. She screamed "That's real man's cum, you fucking pussy. A real man with a real cock. Not some puny little boy's dicklet like my cuckold. You're never going to be allowed to put that thing inside Me or any other woman. You're mine forever! You will do what I say forever! You are going to be a virgin FOREVER!"
She loves to talk, and I can't recall everything She said, but you get the gist of it. After I had licked and sucked up all his cum, my Wife had me eat out her asshole while She masturbated to Her final orgasm of the night.
When She got up to shower, I noticed all the cum and sweat on a pillow and the sheets at the foot of the bed. She saw me looking and said "You'll be sleeping at the foot of the bed tonight, on that nice wet spot. Little puppyboys who hump legs get treated like dogs. And dogs sleep at their Mistress's feet."
I got very little sleep that night, with my tiny penis rock hard and drooling, sleeping in my Wife's and her lover's wet spot. Plus my wife had me wipe my face off with a pair of her panties and then She stuffed them into my mouth for the night. To top it all off, Her feet stayed on my face the whole night, often softly kicking me.
I have to run now. I'll finish telling what happened the rest of the weekend later. Today is a Sunday I am allowed to have an orgasm and I have lots to do. Thanks for reading and sharing.


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#14 Posted: 15 Sep 2008 00:09
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thats the hottest thing i've read here yet.
i have a small dick, but thats ok because its in a chastity cage :P


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#15 Posted: 26 Sep 2008 00:13
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My Wife spent the Sunday before Labor Day shopping with Her friends while I cleaned the house, changed the sheets, and did some laundry. I got a call from Her in the afternoon to make some food for Her and Her lover. When I was finished, I was to eat, shower and shave my genitals. Then I gathered up some items and prepared to spend the night in the spare room.

My Wife came home around 4 and modeled her purchases for me. She bought some sexy lingerie and She wanted me to see Her in it before Her lover enjoyed Her in it. She smiled at my purple, angry-looking erection. "I see that your Wife still turns you on. I'm so happy my body, which is mostly off limits to you, still makes your tiny penis hard." As she was saying this, the doorbell rang. She giggled and said, "He's here! I'm so fucking horny. Off to the spare room for you. I hope you enjoy listening to us as much as we enjoy our lovemaking."

They were kissing as they entered the Mistress bedroom. My Wife started talking right away. "I'm so happy you agreed to do anything I want tonight. You're such a good boyfriend. I want you to be silent the whole night. Can you do that for Me?

"Good. Sit on the bed. I want to make out with you." I could hear them kissing. For some reason, I get more jealous when She kisses other men than when she fucks them.

"You're such a good kisser. Did you know that I don't let my husband kiss me. He's not allowed."

They kissed some more and then She asked him to take off their shirts. "I want you to caress my breasts while we kiss some more.

"My husband isn't allowed to to touch my breasts either. They are only for you to touch and kiss and suck on. They are off limits to my husband." He took her cue and started licking and sucking her breasts. She moaned with pleasure.

"I'm going to take out your cock. I'm going to put my hands on your beautiful cock. Your cock soft is bigger than my husband's fully erect. I have never touched his tiny penis. I'd feel like a molester. Does that feel good." He moaned his approval.

"I'm going to suck your cock. I'm going to make love to it with my mouth. But don't come. I want you to come in my pussy."

She kept describing what She was going to do with her lover and telling him that all these things were forbidden to her own husband. When they started fucking, She directed him like a porn director. All this was driving me insane with lust for Her.

They fucked for a long time before he came in my Wife's pussy. After a little post coital kissing and cuddling, my Wife said, "I'll be right back. I'm going to have this cleaned up." I could hear him laugh a little.

My Wife entered the spare room through the adjoining bathroom holding his cum in Her pussy with her hands. "On the floor," She hissed. She straddled my head and lowered her cum-filled pussy onto my mouth. I was a little worried when She started to moan as I ate her creampie. She got louder and when She came on my face she let out an "Oh God yes!"

She stood up and looked down at my messy face. She motioned for me to rise to my feet and to follow Her into the bathroom. The door to the Mistress bedroom was shut, much to my relief. She pointed to the bathtub and my level of excitement grew to another level. She was going to piss in my mouth! She hovered over my mouth and let a slow stream flow into my awaiting mouth. I love it when She does this, which is seldom.

She let me use the toilet before I went back to my room and She and her lover went downstairs to eat the meal I'd prepared for them. They ended up fucking two more times during the night and one more time in the morning before he left.

When I entered the Mistress bedroom, my Wife was laying on the bed with Her legs spread. There was cum all over the outside of her pussy. "I had him pull out so you could enjoy his cum more."

When I finished cleaning Her to Her satisfaction, She smiled at me. "I have a surprise for you. I got you two presents." The first was a leash and a collar with my name on it. "All little puppyboys have to have a collar and leash." She teased. The second was a dog dish with my name on it.

She fitted me with the collar and leash and put the bowl on the floor. "And now for your first treat served in your dish..." My wicked Wife pulled out two condoms full of her lover's cum. She emptied each into the bowl. "Ok puppyboy. If you want to hump your Wife's leg like a dog, then you have to lap up all my man's cum out of your new bowl. Lap it up cucky!"

She dragged me by the leash and forced my face into the bowl. I was almost mortified. I couldn't believe She was making me do this and that I was obediently complying. It was pretty disgusting, but I leaked out precum because the humiliation of it all was overwhelming.

When the bowl was clean, my Wife took it into the bathroom and returned with the bowl full of her piss. "Another treat for my good puppyboy. Lap it up now!"

I washed down all that nasty cum with my Wife's delicious golden nectar. When my new dog bowl was empty, my Wife presented her naked leg for me. "Are you ready to hump your Wife's leg?" I couldn't speak, so I nodded. "Do you realize that no real man would settle for humping his Wife's leg don't you? A real man does what my lover did to Me all night. A real man with a real cock fucks women. They stick their huge cocks in warm moist pussies. They do NOT hump legs. But. you are not a real man are you? You're a pathetic, small dicked wimp who spends the night in spare rooms and closets while his Wife fucks real men. OK cuck, now's your chance. Come on puppy, hump your Mistress' leg."

My excitement was at its peak. As I mounted my Wife's leg She laughed at me. "I can't believe it. This is fucking priceless!" I didn't care what She said, I wanted this more than anything I can remember. Two strokes on her creamy smooth thigh and I was comming. It was THE most pleasurable and intense orgasm I've had. I kept comming and comming on my Wife's leg as I humped her for all I was worth. She laughed the whole time. While I was licking up my mess and thanking her over and over She told me that was one of the funniest things She had ever seen.

She picked up the phone and called her lover. "Hi honey. I just wanted to tell you... No he's not in the room with me. I just wanted to tell you what I did. I poured those two condoms you filled into a dog dish and made my husband lap it up." The both laughed. My Wife was almost in tears from laughing so hard. "And then. I pissed in the bowl and he lapped that up too!" More laughter.

It finally dawned on me that her lover KNEW I was there. My Wife had told me that She told him that I was out of town. It turns out that my Wife told him I was in the spare room the whole time. That's why She didn't want him to say anything.

When they hung up (after She laughed through telling him how I humped Her leg and that I came in seconds), I said "He knew I was in there the whole time?"

"Yes. But he doesn't know that you know. This is the way it's going to be. He's going to know you're here when we are fucking. But we'll pretend you still don't know who's fucking your Wife. That way I can feed you fresh creampies and other neat treats without sneaking around. I just wish you were a little stronger and would just let him know you know he's fucking your Wife. He already knows you eat his cum. I can't see why you can't take the next step. Oh well, all in due time, my pretty."

I spent the rest of the day worshiping my Wife. She had a few more orgasms, but I'd have to wait two weeks for another one.


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#16 Posted: 26 Sep 2008 09:09
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exeter -sounds like how my ex liked me to be
all hard and dying to be inside her..and instead putting a strap on with a HUGE dildo and fucking her that way
and no orgasm for me


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#17 Posted: 26 Sep 2008 16:05
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great story vol92 - thanks!


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#18 Posted: 27 Sep 2008 14:30
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Thanks so much for sharing you life style. I was wondering if you could give us an idea of how your relationship with your wife began. Many years ago when I was a virgin, I dreamed of a dominant woman who would keep me one, but I didn't find her.

Although my life now is not much different from yours and I do not get to have sex with women, I could never have brought it to this point had I declined to fuck the woman who later became my wife in the early stages of the relationship.

Please share if you get a chance. And thanks again.


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#19 Posted: 27 Sep 2008 23:26
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MrsBlackBlowupDoll This is from a post in the Bitch Wives section "Super Bowl Bet"

My wife and I have an arranged marriage set up by a mutual friend who was introduced to the cuckold lifestyle by her second husband. Without getting into too much detail about our friend, she's been instrumental in my wife's professional life. She is my wife's Mentor. My wife is a true Alpha Female and she used to only date men she was physically attracted to. She lusts after Alpha males with big dicks. Our friend noticed this habit in her, so she told her about her Beta male husband and the benefits of being with a submissive man. She told her how she cuckolds her husband and how much he enjoys it. She told her how her husband worships her and how he is not allowed to do with her what her lovers do. She told her that her husband has a tiny penis and that he gets off on her humiliating him. She said that he has never fucked her and that she has never given him oral sex. The only sex he gets with her is giving her oral and he is happy with it all. She told her how he likes to watch her fucking her lovers and that he licks her pussy clean right after her man comes inside her. My wife adores this woman and she made it her goal to have a cuckold husband like her Mentor.
To make a long story short, our friend told me about her relationship with her second husband and I knew that was what I wanted. She set us up. We dated with the goal of a cuckold marriage. When she found out I was a virgin and that no woman had ever even seen my tiny penis that never grew through puberty, she made the decision that she wouldn't need to search any further to find her submissive cuckold/slave husband.


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#20 Posted: 6 Oct 2008 17:35
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Yesterday I licked and fucked my wife to 4 of her wildest orgasms that I have seen. It has been over 2 weeks since she has let me cum. She used to give in so easy, after she got off, all I had to do was beg a little and she would let me cum. Yesterday I was so desperate I was promising everything I could think of and she got more emphatic with her "No's". She said she wanted to see if I could last a whole month just for the fun of it. It makes me want to really try. I asked her why her orgasm was so much more intense than before and she said it must be knowing that I wasn't going to cum. I asked her if that meant she never wanted me to cum again and she just said, "Maybe sparingly". We are going on a week long trip to Hawaii in a month and she says she thinks I probably won't get to cum then either. She also doesn't let me see or play with her beautiful tits. She is my angel. I love her.
I wish I could touch...
I wish I could touch...

Let me introduce you to my wife.


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#21 Posted: 8 Oct 2008 00:14
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timidcuck_ut Is her control of your orgasms inspiring her to control other aspects of your life? Are you enjoying her dominance over you? Thank you for sharing. It's nice to know there are other men out there who only come with their wives' permission.


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#22 Posted: 8 Oct 2008 17:40
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Vol92 Thank you for starting this thread. I love reading your posts and hope that my wife will get to the level yours is at someday. She is becoming more controlling in other aspects. She doesn't ask me to do things as much as she tells me to do things. I love her domme side. When we first got married she had a much more submissive attitude. I have slowly been planting seeds to help her see what she is capable of. It is still up to her how much she does and how far she goes with it, but I am in total support and love going through this journey with her.
Let me introduce you to my wife.


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#23 Posted: 7 Nov 2009 22:13 · Edited by: Vol92
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My Wife and I have been working out a new agreement for the direction of our cuckold relationship. I am really questioning my decision. I gave up so much and am getting very little in return.
I'll tell you what I got first and then what my Wife got.
My Wife promised that on February 29th, 2012, she will give me my very first handjob. The next leap year, in 2016, she has promised to give me my first blowjob. On February 29th, 2020, my Wife is going to let me enter her ass for the first time. And finally, on February 29th, 2024, I will get to lose my virginity and have marital intercourse with my own Wife. I'll be 50 years old. I'm sure that the last two will never take place. My Wife has a way of getting out of her promises with me.
My Wife also agreed on giving me at least one hour per day to worship some part of her body (her choice). By worship I mean licking, sucking and smelling her. The only parts of my Wife's body I am allowed to worship are her feet, her armpits, her ass, and her pussy. She enjoys my worship of her so usually I get to worship her longer than an hour.
I also get to lick my Wife's pussy clean after she pees whenever it is possible. She has also promised that she will piss directly in my mouth allowing me to drink her golden nectar at least once a week.
Finally, all my orgasms will include my bare penis rubbing on either my Wife's bare ass, feet, or by humping her bare leg. I still have to lick up my ejaculate, but no more condoms for me!
Now here's what my Wife got. First of all she achieved her goal of reducing my orgasms and putting me into chastity. Instead of coming every second and last Sunday of each month plus three additional orgasms equaling 27 orgasms for the year I only get to come on the last Sunday of each month (minus December when my only orgasm will be on Christmas) plus January 1st, and September 16th (my birthday). I went from 27 orgasms to 14, giving up almost half of my precious few orgasms.
On Christmas of this year I will be given a chastity devise (any suggestions, my penis flaccid is under 2 inches) and on January 1st, 2010, after my first orgasm of the new year, my penis will be cleaned and placed in chastity for the first time. I am so scarred about this.
But what my Wife really wanted and got is her boyfriend moving in with us and our cuckolding relationship in the open completely for the first time. Her boyfriend is our neighbor. He owns his own business and travels more often than not during the week and spends most weekends at our house fucking my Wife while I hide in the spare room. He knows about our relationship and is very cool about it. He has just agreed to rent out his house for a year and move in with us. That way he can keep all his furniture and not have to move so much over to my Wife's house. The people renting his house have agreed to let him store the rest of his things in the unfinished part of the basement.
While he is living with us, I have to agree to obey him like I would my Wife. He's not an asshole or anything so I'm pretty sure he won't be cruel or anything. I just will be serving him and things like that.
When he's in town, I will be regulated to the spare room or if they want, on the floor in the main bedroom in case they need anything.
When he's on business, I will be permitted to sometimes sleep in bed with my Wife if she wants to cuddle or at her feet.
My Wife will finally get to humiliate me in front of her lover like she has been dying to do all along.
Here's the part that I fought the most and finally agreed to when she relented on letting me give up the condoms and get to feel my Wife's flesh on my bare penis 14 times a year. My Wife is going to make me lick them while the fuck. Both of them. Her pussy where his cock is penetrating her, her asshole or her feet. But what I fought hard against is that she wants me to lick and suck her lover's balls while he is fucking her. When he comes inside her, I'm going to be forced to suck his cock clean before I eat my Wife's creampie.
I've also agreed to fluff him for her and if he ever desires it, I will have to suck him to completion and swallow ever drop of his load. She really wants to see me sucking cock and I really don't know why. She says it will probably be one of the hottest things she's made me do. She promises I'll like it but the thought of it makes me sick. She said that he'll be into it and that I may be doing it every time she doesn't feel like it and he does.
We have all three agreed to do this for at least one year, but knowing my Wife it'll probably be longer.


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Well, I got two chastity devices for Christmas. One is a CB3000 for me to wear when I go out and one my wife had made so that I can achieve a full erection in it to wear at home. She likes for me to be erect as much as possible but she thought the chastity devices were necessary because of my reduced orgasms.

My wife, her lover, and I went to a New Year's eve party at one of my wife's girlfriend's house. Her friend knows about our relationship and teased me the whole night whenever my wife and her boyfriend kissed or cuddled. I'm sure most people thought they were married. My wife's friend's teasing made my dick strain in the CB3000. I only got to go to the party as a designated driver for them and for a little humiliation. They kept ordering me to get them fresh drinks and food in front of everyone. I overheard someone say that I must be their bitch.

Just before midnight, my wife came over to me and said, "I want you to kiss me at midnight."

I couldn't believe it. "Really?" I asked.

"Yes, really. While I'm kissing my lover I want you to be on your knees kissing my ass. I want your face buried in my ass kissing it for all you're worth, which is not very much."

She didn't wait for a reply, but grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her. During the countdown, my wife turned to me while her lover held her and she said as the count went from 5 to 4, "On your knees Cucky." I don't know how many people heard her. She turned into her lover's embrace and at the shout of "Happy New Year!" they kissed deeply and I buried my face in my wife's ass and kissed her tight, bluejean-clad butt cheeks. My wife, while still kissing her lover, grabbed my hair and pressed my face into her ass crack. I could hear people laughing and soon everyone at the party was watching my wife kissing her man while shoving my face in her ass. I was so humiliated. My tiny dick hurt so bad in the chastity device.

When they finished kissing, my wife let go of my head and said to me, "Get up husband and drive us home. I want to fuck my lover now and you're going to watch."

I actually heard a woman gasp. I overheard another say "He's her husband?" Even more people were still laughing from our earlier scene.

They walked out arm in arm and I followed them like an obedient puppy. They waited for me to open their door for them and they sat in the back. My wife wasted no time in releasing his massive cock so she could fondle and suck it on our way home. It is very hard to concentrate on driving when your wife is sucking another man's cock in the back seat.


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I got very little sleep that night. Before I got into bed, my wife called me back into her bedroom.

When I got there they were cuddling on the bed with him spooning my wife. They were both naked.

"Don't we look nice together Cucky?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"This is how real men fall asleep. Completely satisfied falling asleep with his woman in his arms, his naked cock resting against my ass. You've never held me this way and you never will. When you get the privilege of being allowed to cuddle with me I'm the one holding you. I spoon you because only real men get to spoon this way. Now off to the spare room with you. Try to imagine us sleeping together in what used to be our bed. Try to imagine how peacefully we'll be sleeping while you lay there with the taste of our sex in your mouth and our smell on your face as your little boner cries for satisfaction."

I did as I was told. It took several hours for me to fall asleep. The images of what just happened and my unfulfilled erection were the central reasons but it didn't help when both my wife and her lover started snoring. They both only snore when they've been drinking, thank God.

When I finally did fall asleep, it was short lived. I was awoken by the sounds of my wife and her lover fucking again. It was 5 A. M. I can't believe this guy's endurance and stamina. I guess going as long as he did without fucking would inspire those kinds of performances.


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My wife, if you can believe it, was very vocal. She exaggerated everything. Her screams and moans of pleasure filled the two adjoining rooms, the spare room and her bedroom, and her praise for her lover's performance was continuous.

They fucked for awhile, my wife coming a lot until I heard her lover's familiar grunt letting me know that he was coming in my wife. She said she loved him several times while he was fucking her which really hurt. I hate it when she tells him she loves him. So far it has only been while they were fucking, but it is one thing that hurts me the most. She doesn't know this and I'd never tell her. This situation is getting pretty intense for me and my wife and I suppose for her boyfriend. We've all three agreed to play this game with him living with us for a year and see where it goes. I love watching them together, especially when they are fucking each other with such great passion and lust that my tiny boner is practically screaming to, as my wife says, squirt. My wife has never been happier. Her boyfriend is a really good man and he understands that he is part of this cuckold lifestyle my wife and I live. He made it clear to me that he'd never take her away from me and that he enjoys the fact that I'm around and involved in their lovemaking. They both view me as an enhancement to their pleasure. It gives them both great pleasure humiliating me and using me as their slave and I am growing to love my position in this relationship.

After a few moments, my wife and her lover came into the spare room through the bathroom. My wife was cupping her pussy with her hands and had a really goofy grin on her face. Her boyfriend positioned me so that he could rub his messy, semi-hard cock all over my face before he shoved it in my mouth and said, "Clean the cock that just made your wife come, slave."

My wife actually shivered with lust when he said that. She watched closely for new signs of enthusiasm on my part. I started sucking him, trying to get him hard. My wife slapped my face away from his cock.

"He said clean his cock not get it hard. I don't want you to try to pleasure him, just clean him so he can go back to bed. Then you'll clean me so I can join him. Then you can try to go back to sleep with another load of my lover's cum in your tummy."

I obeyed and was really embarrassed at my lustful action. It was really too soon for me to already enjoy cleaning her lover's cock with my mouth. It was supposed to still repulse me but I was already getting used to it and realized the humiliation of it was causing me great pleasure and added frustration for want of an orgasm.

When she was satisfied with my job, she sat on my face and forced his load into my mouth. Her lover said, "Next time he has cleaning duty, we should film it."

"Good idea, lover. Did you see it fall all at once into his mouth. That was fucking awesome. Now lick my fingers clean too Cucky and I'll see you in a few more hours. Thank you for cleaning us. You did a good job and I am proud of you so far.

"Oh, by the way, on Monday (the 4th), my perfect boyfriend has to go away on business. You've already boxed up all his stuff so on Monday you'll be moving his things over here. When he gets back Saturday night, he will officially be the man of this house. Not that you were ever really the man of the house. More like the slave of the house. Now try to get some sleep. I think you should wake up at 8:00 and start fixing my lover and I breakfast in bed. You know what we like. Then as a special treat, I'll let you worship my feet while I eat. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Are you enjoying the taste in your mouth?"

"No Ma'am. May I please brush my teeth?"

"I thought I told you that 'no' was not an word you are to use this year. You may brush your teeth after you've served us breakfast and before you get to worship my feet. I want you to savor the results of your unfaithful wife's lovemaking while you try to nap and are fixing our breakfast. Okay, Cucky?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Thank you so much."

"You're thanking her?" I heard her boyfriend mumble as he went back to bed.

"What did he say?" My wife asked.

"I don't know Ma'am, I think he said 'come back to bed.'"

"Oh. Well try to get a little sleep and then get to work on our breakfast. Fucking really works up an appetite. I guess listening to people fucking doesn't really make you work up an appetite, does it. Unless it's an appetite for cum."

She was laughing at her joke as I watched her walk away. My eyes always go to her lovely ass when she walks away from me. It almost makes her walking away from me worth it. My tiny penis and blue balls didn't appreciate my checking out her perfect ass, but I guess besides my wife, I'm my genitals worst enemy. My decision to marry my wife and be her cuckold slave ruined my penis and balls lives. I'll bet they hate me more than they do my wife.


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Surprisingly, I fell asleep rather quickly and slept until my alarm went off at 8:00. The taste in my mouth was thick and very unpleasant. I couldn't wait to brush my teeth.

I fixed them their breakfast and brought it upstairs to them on trays. I knocked on the door and heard my wife say, "Come in Cucky."

When I entered, my wife and her boyfriend were cuddling and kissing each other. They looked up at me and my wife said, "Good boy. We are both very hungry. I can't imagine how many calories we burned fucking each other last night."

After I had served them, my wife dismissed me to brush my teeth. Instead of being allowed to worship my wife's feet while she ate, I was told to use the bathroom and clean up. This also meant that I'd have to shave and shower. On January 1st, I agreed to shave all my body hair in addition to my genitals, which I have always been required to do. I now have to keep my chest shaved, my armpits, my ass and asshole, and my legs. This process takes some time, especially the first time you do it. I had completed my chest and armpits and was working on my ass when my wife and her lover came into the bathroom. Her boyfriend lost it. He couldn't stop laughing. I was bent over shaving my ass crack and asshole looking in the mirror.

"What a good little Cucky. I forgot I told you to be hairless from the neck down from now on. We were coming in here to urinate and since you are being so good, I'm going to let you drink my pee. Hurry up and finish shaving so you can lay in the tub so your wife can piss in your mouth."

I hurried shaving my legs while my wife held her lover's cock for him while he pissed in the toilet. I wasn't paying attention and cut myself a few more times than I expected. My wife was dancing around, naked, trying to hold in her full bladder.

"Hurry up Cucky or you'll miss out on your first taste of my pee in the new year."

When I finished, I got into the tub and my wife's boyfriend got to watch his girlfriend piss in her husband's mouth.

"He really likes my pee. He thinks it tastes almost as good as our cum. Watch this. I go really slow so he can drink the entire bladder. I used to piss on his face and he'd try to drink as much as he could, but I found this was even more humiliating to do to him. His stomach will be full of our cum and piss. While we digest the delicious breakfast he made us."

She was over my face and releasing her stream of urine directly into my mouth. I was constantly swallowing. Her pee was very strong because of the alcohol she consumed the night before and because it was her first piss of the day.

"Oh my God!" Her boyfriend said. "This is fucking unreal. Look at what you're doing to him is doing to me."

"Wow, is that for me?" My wife asked as she squeezed the last few drops of urine in my mouth.

He had a full on erection and his massive cock was actually throbbing and bouncing a little.

"Yeah it's for you. Hurry up and have him clean you so I can fuck your sweet pussy."

"You heard the man Cucky. Lick my pussy clean so my handsome lover can fuck your wife. Take your shower when I'm clean and put your tube back on and then join us. I think I'll make you wait a little while longer for your little peter to have it's little dribble. Oh, by the way. I liked your idea of a scrap diet for you. We were really kind and scraped some of our breakfast into your doggie dish. And I spit a whole bunch in it before I mixed it all up. It's on the floor at the foot of the bed. You can eat on your hands and knees out of your dish while my lover and I fuck. See you in a bit."

Again I watched my wife's ass as she walked away from me. She knows the power her ass has over me is almost as great as the power her pussy has. Just before she walked through the door into her bedroom she stopped and looked back at me, smiling. "Don't you even think about touching yourself while you shower. In fact, put the tube on now before I leave."

As soon as I had it on, she turned around and walked to her awaiting lover. She stopped at the bed and looked back at me again. She spread her ass cheeks apart showing me her asshole. "Hurry up Cucky, the faster you're done the quicker you can have your tongue on this."

I nearly ran. I washed really fast, found the pair of panties my wife wore last night, gave them a quick sniff before putting them on and joining my wife and her lover.

She was riding his cock very slowly while they kissed each other deeply. His strong hands were cupping her ass. As much as I've had my face and mouth and tongue on my wife's perfect ass, I have never been allowed to touch her butt with my hands. I would do almost anything to be allowed to touch her ass. To rub it's bare skin with my hands would be heavenly.

I love watching them fuck in this position, which is also their favorite way to make love. For some reason it feels like she's cheating on me even more when she's on top controlling the love making. She has more orgasms in this position because she can control the tempo and the depth of his penetrating cock. She loves this position too, because she can make out with her lover or have him suck on her breasts, something else I am forbidden. He or she can play with her clit and she loves it when he fondles her ass while she's riding him.

They didn't acknowledge my presence and I found myself staring at her ass slowly going up and down on her lover's huge cock. She knows his cock so well that when she rides him she can go all the way until just the tip of his cock is in her before she slams herself all the way to his balls without his cock ever slipping out. Her rhythm was entrancing me.

I looked down from one of my favorite sites to something that looked very disgusting. There were bits of toast crust and egg in my doggie dish all mixed up with my wife's saliva. I had to eat that and quickly before my wife would let me lick her asshole. I got down on all fours and ate my disgusting and small breakfast listening to my wife moaning with pleasure.

A while back I wrote a fictional story in the story section where the wife put the husband on an all scrap diet. In the story the wife mixed up the food and spit on it and served it in a pink dog dish with "Cucky" written on it. My wife must have thought that was a good idea but I wish I'd never thought of it. She also convinced me that I'd enjoy sucking dick because I wrote about it in that damn story.

When I was finished I hurried back into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth so my mouth would be clean for my wife's asshole.

They were still fucking in the same position, with my wife's boyfriend sucking on her breasts. He saw me standing there and said, "Get over here and lick your wife's asshole while I'm fucking her."

I didn't have to be told twice. I got between his legs and got my tongue busy licking my wife's bobbing asshole. As soon as my tongue hit her asshole she squealed with delight. In a matter of seconds she started coming. She reached around and pulled my face deep into her ass until her orgasm subsided. Her lover's cock and balls were drenched with her cum.

I risked punishment and asked my wife, "Can I please lick your cum off your lover's cock and balls?"

My wife laughed. "Look at my new and improved cuckold. Of course you can lick my juices off my lovers cock and balls. In fact..."

She pulled herself off his cock and laid next to her boyfriend on her side facing us.

"I want to see you suck him to completion. I want to see my cuckold husband suck off all my juices from my lover's big cock and beautiful balls and I want to see my cuckold complete his very first blow job. I want see you sucking him like a whore. And when he is ready, I want you to swallow his entire load. Do it!"

She held his cock (I'm not allowed to touch it) and I started by licking his wet balls. I sucked my wife's juices off them for awhile, perhaps delaying the first blow job I'd ever have to do to completion.

My wife grabbed a hold of my hair and guided my mouth onto his cock. I hate to say it, but I really got into it. It was so humiliating to be sucking the cock of the guy that fucks your wife. I gagged several times and my wife commented that she'd have to make a mold of her lover's cock so I could train to give him a proper blow job.

My wife was surprisingly quiet, enjoying the show. When he said he was about to come, my wife coached me. "Keep sucking as he comes and swallow it all. Here it goes..."

I did as I was told and he unloaded into my mouth. I almost came from the sheer humiliation and eroticism of what I was doing. I managed to swallow the entire load and kept sucking until his penis began to soften.

My wife patted me on the head and said, "You are now officially a cock sucker. Congratulations Cucky. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"I knew it. When we came into your room to have you clean us this morning, I saw how much it turned you on to have his cock in your mouth. Well, don't get used to it too much. I'll let you fluff him every once in a while and you'll definitely be cleaning him, but I don't think you'll get to give him very many completed blow jobs. I'm not as generous with my lover as you are with your wife, not that you have any say in your generosity.

"Since you've been an almost perfect cuckold slave today, I've decided to spend the day shopping with you. My boyfriend is going to watch football all day with his friends and drink and have fun. But you get to carry my purse and my bags while I shop. I'll wear my tight jeans you like that make my butt look like a teenager's ass. You can walk behind me carrying my things and watch my butt while I walk ahead of you. You get to watch me try on my new clothes and something sexy for my boyfriend to enjoy me in. You'll have to wear the CB3000 though, so we'll have to get some ice to bring that angry looking boner you've got down. So hurry along and switch cages while I get ready."


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Going shopping with my wife is a humiliating experience. She makes me carry her purse and I have to walk a few paces behind her. She usually wears this old pair of jeans that really accentuates her ass. I really love staring at her ass cheeks going up and down as she walks. That day would have been the first time with me wearing the chastity device. In the past I would wear really tight panties and push my tiny penis up against my pubic area because I never fail getting erect watch my wife's ass.

We talked on the drive there. She wanted to know how I was feeling and if I was going to be able to handle this new direction our marriage was taking.

"I'm pretty sure I'll be able to handle it, but I am very excited and nervous and scared and turned on all at the same time."

"I wonder how you're going to feel after you've cum. It's only been one week. Do you think you will still be turned on after you've cum?"

"Yes." I didn't really know how I'd feel after I've climaxed. I love having orgasms, but it sucks immediately after because I have to eat my own cum, which for some reason disgusts me way more than eating my wife's lover's cum. I know it's some kind of let down after being teased and denied for so long. The orgasm itself is always mind blowing, but when you've gone a long time being brought to the edge of cumming and then being denied, it somehow seems wrong for me to cum. I almost feel guilty because it is so important to my wife that I don't get to come. She ultimately wants to deny me orgasms permanently. I suppose she will get her way eventually, but until then I'm going to try to cum as much as she lets me.

"I don't know. You're always a little less submissive towards me after you are allowed to dribble out your nasty little boy spunk. You know I like you to always be submissive towards me and that little less submissiveness after you've been allowed to squirt hurts my feelings. That's why I hate it when you cum. I hate it so much, that I've decided that your cum will never touch my body again. In fact, I'm seriously thinking that having you cum in the toilet like your character in your story. I think, at least for 2010, I'm going to forbid your penis from touching any parts of my body. No foot job for your birthday. No rubbing your tiny little penis on my butt for Christmas. No more humping my leg."

"But, part of the reason I agreed to having him move in with us was because you said all my orgasms would involve touching some part of you."

"I know what I said. But you said you wouldn't enjoy sucking cock and you did."

"I didn't so much enjoy the act, in fact it was almost too emasculating. But the emasculation and the humiliation and the fact that you were making me do it, that part I did enjoy."

"I just think it would be rude to let your penis touch me when my boyfriend is living with us and sleeping in my bed. I think having you jack off into the toilet is a great idea. You wont have to eat inferior semen that way. The whole year the only cum you should be eating is from my boyfriends cock. Just think, if we like this new direction and I like having you just jack off into the toilet, you'll never have to eat your own cum again."

"Couldn't you let me rub my tiny penis on your body when he is on business?"


"How about if I wear a condom?" I was getting desperate. I was not going to win this battle. Once she's decided on something and I try to fight it, she will not back down until she's broken me.

"Cucky, I promised you no more condoms, didn't I?"

"Yes, but..."

"I don't want to discuss this now. I was in a good mood and being nice and bringing you along so you can check out my ass and you're sitting there giving me lip."

"I'm sorry. You're right. It would be rude. I'll do it your way."

"Damn straight you'll do it my way."

We were silent for the rest of the drive there. She was mad and I was scared. Isn't that a shame, a grown man afraid of his wife?

When we got there I said, "I'm sorry and I love you."

As we were getting out of the car she said really loudly, "You will not speak unless you are spoken to! Now carry my purse for me!"

There were several people in the parking lot of the mall and my face burned with embarrassment. She took the opportunity to humiliate me through the shopping experience. Walking behind her carrying her things is my favorite part of shopping with her. It's humiliating, which I enjoy, but looking at my wife's ass while she walks is one of my favorite things. My wife is actually jealous of her own ass. She's always saying I love her ass more than I love her. She's nicknamed her ass as my "girlfriend." She'll say things like "Do you want to make out with your girlfriend?" when she wants me to toss her salad.

She first shopped for shoes and told the saleswoman that her husband would help her. Then she ordered me around, pointing to the shoes she wanted to to try on and then having me put them on and take them off. I was the only man in the store, and the woman there got a kick out of her bossing me around. She asked me, "Would you like to sniff my feet hubby?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Go ahead and smell them. They're going to be all sweaty from walking around the mall. I'll let you smell and lick them when we get home. How does that sound?"


Some of the other women were giggling. Another thing she likes to do is ask me things like "Do you think my boyfriend will like these," or "Do you think my boyfriend will like me in this?" She did this in every store we went to.

We went into Victoria Secret last and she found an attractive young lady to help her. At one point the saleswoman said "Maybe you'd like a man's opinion?" Meaning me. My wife laughed.

"That's my husband. He's not much of a man. These are not for him anyway. Tell the nice lady who I'll be wearing this sexy underwear for."

"They're for her boyfriend."

"And my boyfriend is also my..."

"He's your lover."

"And what does that make you?"

"I'm your cuckold."

The saleswoman's mouth was wide open in disbelief. I love it when my wife lets strangers (women) know about our relationship. At first I was against it and my wife also wanted to be discrete, but the humiliation is too great to turn down the opportunity.

We ate at the food court, my wife ordering something I don't like. She finished and I thought she'd make me eat mine on the floor, but she didn't want to make a scene. I just at her scraps, spit free.

On the drive back home my wife resumed our previous talk on the ride there.

"I was really mad at you before, but I had fun shopping with you and I love you so I'm going to be fair. I'm going to let you, before you go to bed tonight, jack off and cum in the toilet. Since you were a good little cuckold husband today and you agreed that it would be disrespectful to my lover to have your pathetic penis touching me. From now on, your tiny penis is forbidden to touch any part of my body. Does that make you want to come?"

"Yes." I breathed. I can't understand myself. I was actually turned on learning that my penis will never touch my wife's body again. Or at least for a year. Her power over me is almost absolute.

"You're such a good cuckold husband. I love you so much. How about, when we get home, you give me a nice, long foot rub. You can smell my sweaty feet. Does that sound good to you?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"And then how about you eat out my asshole until my hung boyfriend gets back. He's going to be horny. He always gets horny when he's drinking. And then I think I'm going to fuck him until it's time for bed. Then you can have your little dribble into the toilet. My lover gets to cum inside my moist, warm pussy and you get to use your own hand and make yourself dribble into a toilet. Do you think that's fair?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"I don't. But I'm an alpha female who loves to fuck and your a beta male who loves getting cucked. So, you get to have your little orgasm and you don't even have to swallow your disgusting ejaculate. Aren't I a good wife to you?"

"You are the perfect wife for me. I can't wait to rub and smell your feet. And I can't wait to eat your asshole."

"My asshole is going to be a little sweaty too. From all the walking. Plus, I think my lunch is starting to give me a little gas. So I may have to pass gas while your doing it. I might fart in your face and mouth. Does that make you want to come?"

"God, yes. You know I've always wanted you to do that to me."

"I know. It's fucking disgusting, but then, so are you sometimes."


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When we got home, I put away my wife's purchases and switched from the CB3000 to the tube. I put my panties back on and joined my wife downstairs. She was laying on the couch in just a bra, panties, and socks. I rushed to her and began massaging her feet. While I rubbed one foot, my wife puts the other against my face so I can smell her musky feet. Some might say they stunk, but I love the smell of my wife's sweaty feet. I love to lick them too, but my wife had other plans for my mouth and tongue.

"Enough," she said. "Honey, I feel a fart coming on." She rolled onto her side and pulled her panties aside revealing her asshole. "Put your nose right against my asshole and start sniffing." I was too eager and almost touched my wife's ass, which is forbidden. "Hold on little fella, don't get too excited. You know your hands are not to touch my butt. Only my lover is allowed to do that. You're allowed to sniff my butthole and lick it, but you cannot touch."

"Yes Ma'am. I'm so sorry."

I put my nose right up against my wife's asshole, and started sniffing. Her ass, like her feet, was musky from sweat. And then she did something to me that I had always desired. She farted in my face. I inhaled it. The smell wasn't that bad. Girl farts never seem to smell as bad as when a guy does it.

The fart was loud and long and as I tried to smell as much as I could, my wife started laughing. Between giggles, she said, "You are such a fucked up little pervert. Do you like smelling my gas?"

"Yes Ma'am! I love it. Can I lick your asshole now?"

"Go ahead, but I still have to fart some more you'll essentially be eating my farts."

"I want to eat your farts, Ma'am."

"See, this is an example of why you are not allowed to kiss me. You do such nasty things with that mouth of yours."

The experiment didn't last long. She let loose a few times while I furiously licked and sucked her anus. My tongue was deep in her ass when she stopped me.

"I'm sorry Cucky, but even though this is hot, you're tongue is making me have to shit. You don't want me to shit in your mouth do you?"

"No Ma'am."

"Good. I'd never be able to do that. Even this was a stretch for me. I'm glad you have a line when it comes to your pathetic little fetishes. While I'm in the bathroom, why don't you fix something to put in the slow cooker. When my boyfriend gets back and fucks me, we'll probably be very hungry. What kind of roasts do we have?"

"I just bought a sirloin roast and I also have a pork butt."

"Let's do the pork, I heard it brings good luck on New Years."

I got the roast ready and my wife joined me in the kitchen when she was done doing her business.

"Cucky, do you want to eat my pussy until my lover gets home?"

"Of course. Why are you asking me?"

"I was just being polite you ungrateful dick. I know you like to be ordered instead of asked. Would you like me to be even meaner to you than I already am?"

"I'm sorry, but it just threw me off, that's all. I love the way you decide to treat me. I'm your possession, you own me."

"That's right. You are my cuckold slave. You love being my slave, don't you?"

"I adore being your slave. Please command me."

"Slave, when you are done fixing dinner, I want your ass in the living room and I want you on your knees. You are going to prepare your wife's pussy with your mouth and tongue for my lover to fuck me. You're going to bring me to the edge of an orgasm and then you will switch over to my asshole. You know what your wife just did with her asshole, don't you slave?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"It's nice and clean now and you know how I like to be licked after I've gone to the bathroom."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Watch my ass as I walk away from you."

I did. It looked perfect to me. I hurried and obeyed my wife's command. When her boyfriend got home he found his lover on the couch with her cuckold husband's tongue buried deep in her asshole.

She looked up at her lover and smiled. He was grinning too. I could tell he'd been drinking and that fucking my wife had been on his mind the whole time.

"My cuckold slave has been entertaining me while you were having fun with your friends. My pussy is just dripping for you. All we have to do is get that cock of yours hard and stiff so you can fuck me while our slave licks us."

"Sounds like a good plan to me. Here or upstairs?"

He was already undressing.

"Right here. Get that cock of yours in my mouth while Cucky here keeps licking my asshole."

He wasted no time and soon he was fully erect. My wife had me get under her so I could lick them while they fucked doggy style. My wife came almost as soon as he entered her. I licked and sucked her cum from her pussy and his cock. He fucked her slowly. When she would get to the verge of coming again, he'd pull out and put his cock in my mouth and have me suck it while my wife calmed down. He was driving her crazy by denying her from coming on his cock (at least she got a little of her own medicine, only her's was very brief).

"Fuck me. Please fuck me with you big, beautiful cock. Please make me come."

My wife is usually pretty dominant when fucking her lover. She usually directed what they did and he'd let her because he was so grateful to have someone to fuck all the time. I couldn't believe she was begging him.

"You want me to fuck you like this?" He really started to pound her. His balls were slapping my face and her juices were falling all over my face and she came on his cock. Her orgasm was powerful and it made her lover come balls deep into her pussy. I was licking them for all I was worth. He stayed inside her for a while and then started fucking her again. This guy is so unbelievable. In the years before she met him, my wife never had a lover who could stay hard after he came. He doesn't always, but he can when he puts his mind to it.

This was the first time he came inside her with me underneath them and then kept fucking her, staying hard. It was one of the most awesome sights for me ever. Watching his semen covered cock going in and out of my wife's pussy and licking them was getting to be too much for my baby penis. My own little dick was covered in my precum. My little tube would need to be washed.

As he fucked her, more and more of their cum came leaking out onto my face and into my mouth. He fucked her for over an hour before he finally declared he was coming again. He pulled out and came all over my wife's ass and pussy and onto my face. When he pulled out my wife dropped her pussy onto my mouth and a huge load of their cum drained into my mouth and down my throat. When I had finished cleaning what was deposited into her pussy, she slid her body so that her come covered ass was inches from my face. I stared at her gaping pussy and her messy ass. Then her lover stuck his cock in my mouth and ordered me to suck it clean. When that was accomplished, my wife laid on her belly and ordered me to lick her ass clean. When I was through, I was hoping my wife would let me come. No such luck.

They were hungry and I had to serve them. Her lover said to my wife, "Look how hard he still is."

"You'll be amazed at how long his little penis stays hard and unfulfilled."

"I think he deserves to come. I mean, what we put him through last night and today, the little fella probably needs to come."

"He never 'needs' to come. He wants to very badly, but he doesn't 'need' to."

"I've done some reading on cuckoldry and the cuckold does need to come. His desire to ejaculate increases so much that some guys will come without touching themselves."

"I know all that. And he had that problem at first. Now he doesn't. He's used to not being allowed to come. And when I do let him come tonight, he wont have another orgasm for 30 days."

"Why are you so cruel to him? He does whatever you say and he worships you and you treat him like dirt."

"He loves the way I treat him, don't you Cucky?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Her boyfriend said, "He's only saying that because he's afraid of you."

"Nevertheless, he agreed to all of this and he agreed to let me control his orgasms. It turns him on. He may not like being denied and it may be unnatural for a cuckold not to come after his wife is with her lover. But I'm a bitch wife. That's what he wants. He loves it when I'm bitchy, don't you Cucky?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Now, thank your bitch wife for making you wait to come."

"Thank you Ma'am, for making me wait to come."

They ate and watched TV. My wife thought it would be a good idea if they used me as a foot rest. So I had to spend time on my hands and knees as they rested their feet on me. I couldn't see them, but I could hear them kissing and eventually I heard my wife sucking his cock. They went upstairs without inviting me. My wife made plenty of noise though.

I cleaned up the kitchen and sneaked some food and started getting ready for bed when I heard my wife calling me. They had made a mess of the bed, so after I cleaned them, I changed the sheets while they showered together and got ready for bed.

When they were ready to sleep, my wife noticed my angry looking boner. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot that you were going to make that tiny penis dribble. Into the bathroom with you."

She lifted up the toilet seat and took off my tube. My penis was throbbing and my balls ached. I was never more ready to come.

"Get on your knees and put your penis over to bowl. Now, since your penis isn't allowed to touch me anymore, how should I give you an extra treat? How about you look at my well satisfied pussy right in your face while you use your fingers to make that tiny dick leak. Look at my pussy. This pussy owns you even though you are forbidden to have you little pee pee inside it. Only a real man can do this to your wife's pussy. Now squirt!"

I came so hard that I almost fell down. My come floated on the toilet water. My wife, like in my story, pissed on my cum and had me lick her pussy clean before she joined her lover for a good night sleep. After I cleaned up, I, too, had a very good nights sleep.


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Awesome story and details Vol92 Love your work keep it up!
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