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licking bulls ass while he fucks wife

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#1 Posted: 29 Aug 2010 08:51
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ever been made to do this?? i have, its yummy




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#2 Posted: 29 Aug 2010 09:03
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Yes, I think this is a fairly common aspect of cuckoldry, SPECIALLY when the wife is being cuckold-fucked, & bent double, her long legs over her lover's dhoulders, her 7 inch heels pointing to the ceiling. This way BOTH arse holes are fully stretched & visible, affording the cuckold to move to their sdultery, & apply his tongue not only on his wife's arse hole, but also in giving her lover's shitter a long & deep arse lick---worshipping a stud's arse hole is wonderfully demeaning & degrading, but cucks should be made to do it whenever possible! Mmmm!


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#3 Posted: 29 Aug 2010 09:30
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mmm is right...i'm fresh from doing exactly this two nights ago...


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#4 Posted: 2 Oct 2010 00:56
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very nice
black bull


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#5 Posted: 2 Oct 2010 17:48
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I did this many, many times when my wife was being fucked by her lover. His asshole was very sensitive and both my wife and I always made sure we licked it for him. It's not easy to get your tongue up an asshole when the guy is pounding away in your wife's cunt. He would stop for a moment and let me get my tongue on his hole and then gradually pick up speed. I was able to snuggle my face deep between his cheeks and keep licking his asshole as he fucked her.
When she rode his cock it was much easier and enjoyable to lick him, It was so hot to suck his balls and tongue his asshole and watch his big cock go in and out of her cunt. Sometimes, I just couldn't resist grabbing his cock and pulling it out and sucking it for a few seconds. I was so arousing to see how hard and shiny his cockhead was when I pulled it out of her. They would both moan when I took it out but I guess they felt I deserved some reward for licking his asshole.
It's hard to imagine anything more humiliating than having to lick the asshole of a man who is fucking your wife.


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#6 Posted: 3 Oct 2010 04:10
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Fantastic movie.
Sue the good wife


Posts: 47
#7 Posted: 3 Oct 2010 04:43
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My black bull orders hubby to lick his balls and ass when he is ready to cum in me....makes him fuck me even harder and cum even more.... a "win-win" scenario for me


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#8 Posted: 25 Oct 2010 21:02 
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Your hot wife is laid back in a sex swing. I am standing up, my overwhelmingly thick cock inside her. Cuck hubby is on his knees in back of me, his face between my ass cheeks licking my asshole. Cuck's arms are stretched out in front, his hands clutching his hot wife's ass, pulling her towards us and impaling her deep onto my cock. Cuck lets his wife's ass slide back till my cock is just at her entrance. Then he pulls her forward impaling her again, repeating this over and over. I am standing still making it very easy for cuck to lick my ass while his wife enjoys my cock. The hot wife calls out the tempo, faster or slower as she likes it. If cuck doesn't get the tempo right, wifey yanks on the rope tied around his balls to signal her displeasure and rectify the situation. I am standing still while I am enjoying the husband doing all the work of pulling his wife’s ass back and forth, the wife's pussy pumping my cock and the husband easily tonguing my ass. Its been awhile now and cucky's arms and his tongue are starting to wear out. Finally, I pump a load deep into wifey’s pussy. I signal to cucky and he bows his head while I step back. Cucky finds himself in the perfect position to enjoy a fresh hot creampie.

This special creampie recipe is brought to you exclusively by honolulu_bull, the creampie chef.

Yes, its only a fantasy so far, but I know someday I’ll find the right couple to do this with. Any volunteers?
creampie chef
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licking bulls ass while he fucks wife
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