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My wife and her first BBC

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Anyone interested in hearing about my wife's first time with a BBC?

Here she is


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Of Course!!
White Bull Master here
Always looking for lonely white wives to give them what cucky can't!
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I'd love to hear about it and see it if you've got any pics or video...


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Oh yes!

Just read your "How I became cuckold"-thread.

Pls tell us how things went on - and more Pics please.


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yes so would i she looks yum yum
let me know what you think of my small cock send message on this please


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VERY sexy lady!....lets hear more!


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Ashley got her first taste of black dick when she was in high school. She went to a mid-west HS that had a mixed student population of both black and white kids.

She was never one of those trashy white girls that dated black guys. Her first boyfriend was a white guy that took her to his prom. She kissed him but that was it. In her sophomore year, she became a cheerleader and started to hang out with the football crowd. All of the cheerleaders had crushes on the male football players and usually the black girls were interested in the black boys and the white girls in the white boys.

One day, after football practice, she and some other cheerleaders wanted to spy on the boys in the locker room. There was some secret hallway or closet or something that they went into and peeked through the door at them. Most of them giggled looking at these naked young men, my wife included. They all thought seeing a cock was funny. It looked funny she said.

Then she saw David. David was a black boy that played running back for the team. He came into my wife's view wearing only a towel. She said he was ripped with muscles, had a six-pack, and very muscular legs. She kind of lost her breathe for a minute. And then he dropped his towel. His cock was magnificent. She said it was looked long and heavy and thick. And for the first time ever, the sight of a naked man made her feel "like a woman".

Although she was a "good girl", and would never hit on boys, with David she made the exception. She asked him to come over to her house. She and her lady lived alone and her lady worked during the day and typically didn't get home until 8pm or so. He asked her why he was coming over and she just said because I need help with something.

After school that day, he came over and she greeted him at the door. He was still confused about why he was there.. although I suspect he was hoping something would happen. She said, "come up to my room, I want to show you something".

They went up to her room and she closed the door. She told him that she wanted him to sign her yearbook. She said he looked at her like she was crazy. She just smiled and said "please?". So he grabs a pen and starts writing in her yearbook.

While he does this, she quietly strips naked and gets on top of her bed. He looks at her and she says, "do you want to come over here?" He takes his shirt off and walks over and starts to unbuckle his pants. He takes them off along with his underwear. She said she was mesmerized by dick. He wasn't even fully hard yet, so she took it and started massaging and kissing it. She had never given head before and she told him that, so he taught her how to slowly suck his cock, which wasnt easy for her as her jaw started to hurt.

She moved away from him and layed back and spread her legs for him. He got in between her legs and put the tip of his black cock on her pussy lips which were now soaked. Her started to push in but could only get the head in because she was too tight. Eventually he got about 2 inches inside her and started to fuck her. About 20 strokes in she started to cum. She had never cum like that before and it turn him on that he started to come. He pulled out of her and came on her pussy. She said her pussy was COVERED in his cum.

She fucked him her entire sophomore year and yes, he finally got his dick all the way in. After he graduated, she moved on to other black boys that weren't as nice as David.


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very nice story. Have you seen her take on any black guys?


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Gr8 story. Thx!


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charge - No i haven't and it *******s me. I never thought I was cuckold until she told me about the black men in her past. The thought drove me insane - with fear, lust, jealous, inadequecy, you name it.

She is reluctant to do it in front of me (although she wants to) because she doesn't think I can handle it. She says she can compartmentalize things and thats why she won't fall in love with anyone. In a lot of ways, she is like a guy. She can have sex and not have it mean anything but pure phycial pleasure.


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has she done it for you yet? got any friends for her?


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Hope you're still planting the seeds in her head to take a BBC lover. It'll open a bunch of new doors for the two of you to explore and enjoy!
Cuck who loves a creampie.
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Interracial Cuckold / Interracial Cuckold /
My wife and her first BBC
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