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Realy "Circle of Cuckolds" Parties????

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I read this story, "circle of cuckolds" where a bunch of cuckold couples have a party, and the cuckolds are locked outside while the wives party

and I'm curious if anyone has ever heard of any REAL parties/groups like this??? If so, where in the country, is there a website? Please direct me (us) in the right direction to furfill our fantasy of living out these stories!

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There was one in central Scotland 15 years ago but I don't know what happened to it


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Go into the Canadian forum. They have a msg about the 10th of August. They do something very similar. Would love to take a vacation for that!


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There is no website, but I am part of a group that does this every year over a weekend in Las Vegas. Email or im me at or marcusc126 on yahoo IM if you're really interested.


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was hoping for something a bit more regular than once a year.... still looking

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Interracial Cuckold / Interracial Cuckold /
Realy "Circle of Cuckolds" Parties????
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