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Ankle Bracelet

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Divorced Cuckold


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Shortly before our divorce, my ex-wife (who I had been married to for 12 years) started to wear an ankle bracelet. About two months later, she then started the divorce process.

She now has a black stud boyfriend. A real muscular man. She is still wearing it when I have seen her. I work out too, but I am nothing compared to him.

Was that a sign that she was going black? Wearing an ankle bracelet? Is there a website or page that talks about that? Anyone else with that experience?



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i want to know too so i can ask my wife to start wearing hers again


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an ankle bracelet worn by a wife on the right ankle means she is a hot wife who is available for intercourse with other guys.


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This is a universal hot wife symbol. Right ankle is black, left is bi or white.
Divorced Cuckold


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Thanks.....She wears it on her right ankle, so I know the answer to that one now, don't I?

She has her real man now, her big, black stud. Nothing I can do about it now


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where can i find more info on the significance of ankle bracelets and cuckolding. Pl. let me know
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Ankle Bracelet
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